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yeah who exactly is Frank Frajeta. Is he a gamer

Jeeze. Do we have to spoon feed it to you? It's in the very first post. WTH
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I still have no idea who he is! gonk

Read my post.
He was a fantasy artist.
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I won't lie - I think it's kinda alarming how many people didn't know who he was. gonk Perhaps I was fortunate to have a father that collected Conan and introduced me to his work at a young age, but he has been ridiculously influential and well known for decades. His work can be found in influence and mention pretty broadly. Even if someone doesn't know his name they've surely seen his work or been touched by it through inspired artists, games, comics, stories, etc.
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I find it simply amazing how people are asking "Who is Frank?!?" when they can either look here or, oh I don't know, FRIGGIN' GOOGLE to know who he is.

But I wont lie, I didn't know who he is either. However, I am familiar with his work.
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A mod should come and sticky this topic, in case anybody actually does read the stickies before asking "duhhh who is he?".
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His art looks amazing...

Wish I've known him.
oh, thank u
Oh wow. I rather like this Frank fellow.
Too bad he is dead. Mmh. Pity.
dat man old as fck
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Yes, thank you for the explaination. Without it I would be hopelessly confuzed. 3nodding
My dad has a book on him, including a number of his more famous paintings, truely a marvel of the fantasy art! An one of the few who truely used oil paints to the fullest. I would like to also point out he big break was doing comics for playboy magazine! mrgreen "only stable investment is porn!" rofl
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cool beans!

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