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Truly you were and inspiration to all of the fantasy world, without you we wouldn't have buxom babes, Conan the Barbarian or dare I say what counts as fantasy today. Wide open destroyed landscapes, dungeons with maidens straggled in chains, burly barbarians and death dealers roaming the countryside. Truly you were a master among men, no man since the Masters of the Renaissance did for art what you have done. You made it so that we can keep our work after commissions, so that we can get our work returned to us if it is for a publication, introduced a group of young impressionable artists to a fantasy landscape that didn't involve Tolkien's mythos but instead men of action and conquest.

Rest in Peace Frank Frazetta, you will be sorely missed.
I thought i was unfamiliar of his artwork.

But i just looked at some and remembered who he was. He was a fantastic artist. Its too bad he died.
he has a skelinton in chains when you walk up the stairs of his shop.
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Who is Frank Frazetta?
Who is Frank Frazetta?
The man responsible for the looks of Conan and modern fantasy games such a s Dragon Age.
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And I learned about this awesome artist in my History of Illustration class.
His work is powerful and dynamic, not to mention his women, even though scantily clad, are portrayed as being strong and can take on anything (unlike the usual 'weak damsels' that all fantasy illustrations loved to portray rolleyes ).

Oh, and I loved two, fun facts about him:

1. He can't draw feet. Has said that it's the only part of the anatomy that he has trouble with, and cannot draw them very well. Which is why most of his illustrations has the character's feet covered. lol

2. One time, someone handed him an anatomy book and told him to read and learn from it. Frank took it, pretty much drew from it all in one night, handed it back and said, 'There! Now I know anatomy!'

3. Was the first guy to demand a copyright and retain ownership to his artworks, when most companies that hire artists to do work for them owned the rights to the work.

(Okay, that's three. I lied... pffft~)

RIP Awesome Fantasy-Sci-fi-Artist dude! crying
slm biggrin
i have no idea for this dude is
whos this dude
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idk he died crying

poor man how did he die?
Frank was a great man, one I knew personally. I had the amazing pleasure of getting to meet him and he even drew me... somthing I will cheirsh forver. He's a great man and his family should learn that... I hope he's happy with his wife, Ellie, in heaven. My family and I will miss him very much, as will the world. heart
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what are you guys talking about

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