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What DailyChance item
was for Frank?

I Know What Was It
Really what was it? question rolleyes biggrin
Ohmaybe it was gold or the really cool collectiples surprised wink whee xp heart stressed burning_eyes talk2hand pirate rofl 4laugh ninja mrgreen xd 3nodding blaugh smile biggrin exclaim
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Just when people were starting to wonder if Frank Frazetta was immortal, too.... neutral

If it wasn't for Frazetta, Conan the Barbarian wouldn't have been half as intimidating (for the readers, at least) in the early days. But when you see Frazetta's well-depicted images of Conan beefed out and standing on a mountain of corpses as he hacks madly at some hapless spearman or something, you just know that Conan means business.

I also play Age of Conan here and there (among other characters, Ankaratta the Stygian Demonologist, if you feel like swinging by the Cimmeria server and chopping my head off while barking "she stinks of foul sorcery" or something...), and that game's existence--as well as the whole Hyborean mythos--owes a great deal to Frazetta. Even if his body proved to be mortal in the end, may his works endure forever. neutral
i love money
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I just adopted a chibi!
Name:fuc u
Likes: me
Doesn't Like: u
You can adopt one too!
Adopt me!
He was my idol and example, for 40 years, and his art led me to perfet my craft , tattooing his work on other fans.

Miss you, my man.
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gee..that'd be GREAT cause his woork is amazing...but ya know..... ppl dont like to join GAIA under my name XDD

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