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a hot topic. Before the hot topic appeared, I saw no discussion of Frank at all. Now when he dies, Gaia decides to be "artsy" and notice it and making a tribute hot topic for him.

I don't like Gaia. Why am I here you WILL ask? Because the avatars are fun to make and Gaia's forums are one of the most active.
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oookkkk wink
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Well I don't know why, but all I know is that he was an American fantasy and science fiction artist, noted for work in comic books, paperback book covers, paintings, posters, record-album covers and other media. He was also born on 1928 and died on May 10, 2010.

...so yeah. I got this stuff from Wikipedia.

Source: Frank Frazetta
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Well...artistry is the foundation of gaia online so...
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Nuuuuu i didnt know he died!! Dude this is gonna suck telling this to my brother...he loved franks artwork and i must say i did too, i was very impressed with everything he created its all very breathtaking, even after he had a stroke he still made beautiful art crying
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When a greatly skilled person dies EVERYONE remembers them.
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Gaia has artists too and Frank Frazetta was really well known in the world of illustration so maybe it was at the requests of the site artists?
i dont kno who this guy is so i looked him up and found that most of his paintings r of naked woman WTF gaia?
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Frazetta was a hell of an artist. NUFF SAID ! RIP FRANK ! wahmbulance
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Maybe they just like "Frank"s. Perhaps if Gaia had been around when Frank Zappa died, they'd have hot-topiced him as well.

JK, JK. Though serious about the honor due to Frank Zappa.

I've been a Frazetta fan for 40 years (yeah, I'm old) and I'm pretty surprised that anyone on Gaia would even know his name. Especially the OP who looks about 10 in that sig picture. Gives me hope!
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User ImageTaps!Grabs!Artists create Gaia. Artists are INSPIRED by Frazetta's fantasy artwork. He was the first, a pioneer. He made naked animated. The CREATORS of Gaia are SHARING their inspiration with you. LEARN something. (or not, whatever)
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Frank Frazetta was one of the greatest artists IMO. My dad has a book of his collections and his art is soooo amazing.

RIP Frank! sad
RIP Frank Frazetta.
I've only seen the covers of Conan, to be honest but now looking at the rest of his stuff -- they sure are awe inspiring. Glad this was made a hot topic.


It's not that hard to look it up yourself. For God's sakes its even on a sticky. THINK for a second.

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