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Zombies 0.31538461538462 31.5% [ 41 ]
Unicorns 0.52307692307692 52.3% [ 68 ]
$$$$$!!! 0.16153846153846 16.2% [ 21 ]
Total Votes:[ 130 ]
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Timid Dabbler

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Zombies nom nom nom on unicorn brains for brunch =^_^=
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Golden Grabber

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I am so tired of zombies, vampires and anything that is morbid. Unicorns and rainbows for me! heart
alice k dark's avatar

Interesting Werewolf

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i hate zombies but i think if there was a gaggle of zombies vs unicorns zombies would kick a**
Have you ever played leap frog with a unicorn? I imagine it would be quite uncomfortable if you didn't jump far enough. eek
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Obsessive Shopper

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Invisible Sophomore

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Narwhals always win. Their like unicorns mixed with dolphins... the sad part is, nobody knows how narwhals were created... :/
Pfft. What kind of thread IS this? Zombies are the clear winner over unicorns. DUH.
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6,200 Points
  • Grunny Grabber 50
  • Grunny Rainbow 100
  • Brandisher 100
Unicorns are nice, but a Zombie are definitely the best.
Aller en Enfer's avatar

Fluffy Fatcat

Unicorns purify water and make poisons harmless. They can heal people, and if you drink the blood of a unicorn, you'll live forever. Plus, they poop rainbows.

I think the answer is obvious. Unicorns forever!
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Zombie Unicorns ftw! xD they would totally like eat everyone XD and if they couldn't eat you they would trample you
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  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • Person of Interest 200
I myself used to be a unicorn fan, which most girls tend to be, but I started getting fed up with something that craps rainbows. And I didn't really like zombies, but now I can't seem to stop watching them... all the gore, and ripping body parts... it just gives you a fuzzy feeling...

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:C you don't like...?

eek what in the ever loving wierd arse world is that thing?
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Quotable Poster

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Unicorns would pwn some zombies! They are UNICORNs!!! With the horn and everything. & i mean this with love, cuz i do love zombies. but yeah zombies dont have anything on unicorns.

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