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Harleyquin of course!
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I'd have to say that out of all the Disney Villains, I hated Governor Ratcliffe and Gaston the most.
GASTON... (you know... from beauty and the beast) He's awesome... plus I live his song in the movie!! twisted
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Malificent, tried to kill a royal family's daughter, therefore scaring them into hiding her. They never got to witness Arora grow up or anything, PLUS imagine having the only thing that can save her be the kiss of a stranger. ;/
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Claude Frollo is pretty creepy.

Killed quasimoto's mom, tried to kill him too, lusts after gypsy girl and has that whole "hellfire" song

Agreed, but he was ********' awesome for it. c:
Claude Frollo is pretty creepy.

Killed quasimoto's mom, tried to kill him too, lusts after gypsy girl and has that whole "hellfire" song

hands down Frollo, Ursula, and Scar are the best and most famous of all the villains for me. I mean not only do they each have this awesome musical number that's freaking amazing but they were each so wicked. Wicked to the point that in a twisted way you enjoyed them.
Who was the best and most famous villain of all time?


yes. yes he was. *claps loudly* well done.
Cruella Deville. such a b***h. I have a puppy and if i ever see someone like her i'll make them into a coat. emotion_zombie
Cinderella stepmother XD
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Hmm.. Of all disney villains... Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame...
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OK I have one thing about this thread that bothers me -

First I am asked who the worst villain is of all time.
Then I see people specifically asking about Disney movies.
People - DISNEY is not the real versions of these fairy tales. Honestly they are the watered down cherry on top version.

Worst Villain of all time? Tied between Rumpelstiltskin and The Queen from Snow White (she tried to make the King eat Snow's heart for god sake!)
This whole thing reminds me of the powerpuff girls. (mo jojo)
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Hades in Hercules. Been forever since I watched that movie, but deffinetly Hades. burning_eyes
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Captain Hook mrgreen

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