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all of them? razz
my top 3 would have to be hades for hercules the god of the underworld he was crazy and a jerk.
second is....the joker from batman and Mr. freeze from batman smile
MASTER XEHANORT!!! Sorry but he's kind of the master mind in Kingdom Hearts....**looks around like a lost puppy**
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I think Cruella DeVille and Ursala. bi***es
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Hannibal Lecter
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Claude Frollo is pretty creepy.

Killed quasimoto's mom, tried to kill him too, lusts after gypsy girl and has that whole "hellfire" song

He was creepy; the part where he pervs out and smells esmeralda's clothes!
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Bluebeard. He killed his wifes and let them see the others dead bodies!
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I would have to say Grimhilde (Snow White's Evil Queen)
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I would have to say Grimhilde (Snow White's Evil Queen)
How was she the best villain?
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Actually I'd have to say the big bad wolf. It's such a huge archaic fear, everyone knows it.
Hades. Such a funny villain
Evil Queen in Snow White - just 'cause she's basically featured everywhere lately. it's interesting how she'll go so far as turn herself into an ugly old woman just to kill snow white

Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland - crazy sadist who enjoys randomly decapitating people

Frollo in Hunchback of Notre Dame - a perv and murderer with a twisted view of justice
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Super Mario - he killed a lot of turtles and innoncent mushrooms crying
.... mrgreen
Galbatorix from Eragon book series - he killed many dragons and their riders
Voldemort - scream
Jessie and James pirate they wanted to steal Pikatchu D:
In Disney, I think that Scar is who I would place at the top, with Maleficent second.
Scar I have up first because he essentially does the same things as Maleficent (gaining power through force, manipulation, etc) but he does this to his own family.
Maleficent comes second only because her characterization does not clarify if this is part of her (as in she came into being with the evilness) or if she grew into this. With Scar it seems like he chose his "evil".

I had this discussion a few years back and someone said that Ursula was the most evil of disney villains-but I can't see it. She was turned out of the palace and has been trying to get her revenge ever since. Whenever I see revenge as part of a villain's motive-I can't see them as completely evil.

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