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Easy--Jasmine. She's so smart in comparison to most of them. I like Fiona and Mulan too, though.
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However. My favorite fairy tale princess who is NOT associated with Disney is Kaye from the Holly Black Modern Faerie Tales. She is the cleverest and most beautiful princess of them all.
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My favourite is Mulan. She´s so beautifull and feminim but also with strong character and good fighting skils! She´s amazing 3nodding I wish I would be like her heart
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Mulan! I love Mulan! But when Rapunzel came, I had a hard time choosing between both. lol So it's Mulan and Rapunzel then. xd
Growing up in Rural Japan, I thought Mulan was based off of Yoshiko Kawashima (Aisin Gioro Xianyu/ AKA: Eastern Jewel)

So She was my favorite "Princess" untill I grew up and realized that there is no way Mulan was anything like Yoshiko... XD And Mulan is not a princess. Her family has high standing, but not royalty.
They had a farm, no servants, etc. Even if she Married Shang, a General's son, it still wouldn't be counted as royalty in China, where it is pretty much blood over everything.

So, though she hardly counts as a princess, Charlotte La Bouff is my favorite.
She is a hilarious spoilt brat and a great friend all in one... I wish I had a friend like her. XD
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My favorite princess is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. It makes me mad that now they only refer to her as Beauty, if you go to buy a doll or toy of her.

I've played Jasmine in theatre productions so many times that I can't help but love her too. heart

Belle, then Jasmine smile
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Belle, then Mulan
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I don't know how many people put her, but my favorite is Megara from Hercules if she counts. I love how down to earth she is, but still looking for her farytale. Next would be Belle, or Ariel
well v r totally talking about past tense here cz nw i hate em bt b4 snow white and princess jasmine
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Does Tinkerbell count? Probablly not.Then Cinderella, but mostly becuase of the sewing mice and the fairy godmother.
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