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Belle has always been and will probably always be my fav emotion_bigheart

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Cinderella and Snow White.
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I like Jasmine.
But all the Disney princesses have their ups.
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Snow White. She's my absolute favorite. heart My second favorite is Ariel. 4laugh
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Lord what a difficult decision. I liked Pocahontas (although I like all of the Princesses) ♣
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oh man i have so many... but my absolute favorite would have to be belle.

She is alot like me, she loves to read.. she is pretty much an outcast in her village (i was an outcast in school). and she took a chance on someone who thought he didn't deserve love or her, and I take chances on people, everyone deserves a chance..
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Was Ariel. Now it's a mixture between Belle & Cinderella.
My favorite princess is jack the skeleton. heart
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Well I guess my fav if I had to choose is Belle, just because she is so head strong.

I am unhappy with Disney now a days though. I picked up a copy of Princess magazeen and they were telling kids that mulan and tinkerbell we're princesses!

Princess Eilonwy from "The Black Bauldron", and Princess Kidagakash "Kida" Nedakh from "Atlantis the lost Empire" deserve that spot way more then those other two. Even if Disney thinks their film's we're failures.

There's also a new princess, i'm not sure if she's already out yet, but Disney said they wont be counting her, although they may change their mind.

Princess Sophie is her name. She's in the show "Sophie the first". Its a kids show, and shes a kid princess, so unlike all the other princesses, her story isn't about finding a man. Her mom marry's the king so basically a commoner needs to learn how to be royal, but there's more to royalty then fancy cloths and stuff.
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My favorite,ever since childhood, would have to be Cinderella.
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Belle, because she's a nerd and also because she doesn't care so much about looks!
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ariel smile
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Ariel (forever)

Love em all though. They are different from one another.
I'm tied between Belle and Rapunzel.

Rapunzel has so much energy, and I really admire that about her.
Belle is mature and has a good head on her shoulders.

I really like them both. whee

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