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The Twelve Dancing Princesses by the Brothers Grimm.
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Peter Pan and Alices adventures in wonderland. I like the books much more than any of the movies though. The Tim Burton version of Alice in wonderland was pretty awesome though biggrin
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Wait...Is the new Mirror Mirror movie coming out based on that book? eek omg if you say yes I'll explode

honestly, i don't know. after i saw the previews for it, i started to doubt it a little bit. the Mirror Mirror i read was INCREDIBLY dark (as most of Gregory Maguire novels usually are) which i didn't sense in the previews. i guess i'm just gonna hafta go see the movie and find out. even if it's not based on the this book, i HIGHLY recommend it.
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Dang. I'll have to get to the books then. I have hunger games and and the ugly stepsister one on my list for a long time
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Of House Targaryen

oh my gosh! emotion_kirakira i could tell without looking at your sig who your avatar is supposed to look like, and may i say that she also happens to be my favorite character in The Game of Thrones series
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I love Alice in Wonderland too~
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Mines probably Rumpelstiskin and The cat and mouse in partnership.

Also, now to my story


Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Lily. She lived on a small ranch with her father. Her father was the local towns farmer. He owned all sorts of animals from ducks to cows. None of these animals mattered to Lily, though. None of them but one lonely little sheep. This little sheep was beautiful in her eyes. The moment it was born, she begged her father to allow her to raise it. After so long of getting fed up of her begging, he finally gave in. She took care of it well by feeding it daily, reading to it, and keeping it warm. As it grew, its fur grew as well and she would shear it every so often. Although, she noticed something...odd about this fur. When she would shear it, it would change into gold for some reason. Instead of keeping it, she would hand it out to the poor as well as a bit to her father.
As the sheep grew, the land learned more about the magical sheep and it eventually ended up being told to the local king who demanded he get the sheep. The knights begged the Lily and bribed her, but nothing would work. They even tried to convince her father who would not be bribed because he was happy to see his daughter smiling so brightly. The sheep had ended up becoming her best friend. The king eventually demanded the girl be killed.
The knights, knowing that the girl wasn't of much importance, agreed. At night, they snuck into her house and first killed the farmer by stabbing him multiple times, After he was dead, they did the same to the girl. They stole the sheep and went back to the king.
The king, proud and happy, demanded the sheep be sheared right that moment. A knight walked over and sheared it but...the wool was the same! Many knights after tried and nothing worked. After the final knight tried, there was a knock at the door. The knight opened the door and there stood a beautiful young girl dressed in a long, pink dress. Her hair was a beautiful pink and she had these weird clips placed in them. The knight questioned her why she was there. Her answer; 'I know how to get the sheep to obey.You must all admit your devious ways. Especially you, dear king.' The king scoffed at this. Why should he admit anything? He did nothing wrong. The girl walked into the room and shut the door. Suddenly, everything on the walls flew off. The girl glared at the king. "I demand you admit your devious ways or else!!' Once again, the king denied. The young girl smirked 'Have it your way then'.
A knife appeared in her hand and she slowly walked to the king. At first, she thought she was bluffing until her smile got bigger. He cried for the knights to help, but none of them could move in fear of being killed. The girl finally got so close to the king that he finally shouted what he did. The girl dropped the knife and walked over to the sheep who then turned into a prince. She grabbed his hand and smiled. Lily was finally reunited with her prince. They both turned into sheep and walked out of the castle. As they left, they left a curse on the who castle. Which, weeks later, the king ended up being murdered in his bed and replaced by a new prince and his wife, who now was known as Queen Lily.
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Rumpelstiltskin is my favorite fairytale <:

Reason is pure nostalgia, because my brother and I used to listen to these old casettes together.
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What's your favorite fairy tale or story? Tips to people who post that are obviously dressed to portray a certain fairy tale.
Bump and chat!
My favorite is Alice and Wonderland.

Write a story for your avi and maybe win a small gift! wink

My favourite is Alice and Wonderland + The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz
I am dressed as the Good Queen
Once upon a time, far away from here in a tall castle lived
Chocolate Babeeee. Fastning her jewelery and putting on her most
royal clothes she stepped outside to the broad daylight. The rose she held in her hand had been
shedding it's petals. The man to catch the last one that fell from the rose would have a chance to compete against her true love. If no man caught it, she would be married to her true love immediately. The beautiful princess protected the rose by leaving it in a glass cover, her spectacles could easily show her what she wanted to see and where. One man who had
a deep liking for the princess was determined to catch the petal. The man did not care about her
hopes and dreams but merely the chance to live "happily ever after" with her.
The princess was so in love with another that when she saw this occurence in her spectacles
she put her plan in to action. Gathering her most loyal friends and subjects, they disguised as common people, portraying the news of the princesses untimely and mysterious death which was false. Soon later they would announce that she wasn't dead and simply went into hiding.
They also added that the one man that could catch the last petal and find the princess would
marry her. This was impossible for all but one man, for the man that the princess had loved knew how she looked like. Yet the man who liked the princess for her money and fame had only the memory of her childhood features. Soon later the plan was put into action and had worked just the way they wanted and the couple got married. The greedy man was furious so he attempted on kidnapping her, forgetting her state in fame and all the guards she had, he failed and was put into trial, after his chance, failing once again he was sentenced to death.
MORAL: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
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I've always been a fan of Sleeping Beauty. And I like alternate world themes, thanks to Disney's take on Alice in Wonderland. I still have to read it sometime, but alas, can't find the copy that I picked up.
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I'm lucky today!!!! I just got a sweet item from the new RC
i love alice in wonderland too ^^
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rlly idk XP but i guess sleeping beauty
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My favorite?It would have to be red riding hood. i think the wolf is awesome!!!! wink
i love the brothers grimm tv show and the spin they put on all fairy tails however my favorite is beauty and the beast the idea that some one could look past anothers flaws and the the beauty inside therefore turning what they saw into a prince its touching i feellike the moral of that fairytale is true love not fantasy happily ever after like most

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