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Kakei Setsunai
Amazing avi! I love Jareth! biggrin
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Mine would have to be SlenderMan...
They basically hide in the woods and stalk you. It looks like a person in a suit with long branches for arms and it's really tall...
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no, strike that. a tripodero biggrin

The chaparral and foothill forests of California contain many queer freaks of one kind and another. One of the strangest and least known is the tripodero, and animal with two contractile or telescopic legs and a tail like a kangaroo's. This peculiarity in structure enables the animal to elevate itself at will, so that it may tower above the chaparral, or, if it chooses, to pull in its legs and present a compact form for crowding through the brush. The tripodero's body is not large but is solidly built, and its head is nearly all snout, the value of which is seen in the method by which food is obtain. As the animal travels through the brush-covered country it elongates its legs from time to time, thus shoving itself up above the brush for purposes of observation. If it sights game within a range of ten rods it takes aim with its snout and tilts itself until the right elevation is obtained, then with astonishing force blows a sundried quid of clay, knocking its victim senseless. (A supply of these quids is always carried in the left jaw.) The tripodero then contracts its legs and bores its way through the brush to its victim, where it stays until the last bone is cracked and eaten.
Both of your posts are fascinating. Love them. smile
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Duendes in spanish culture kinda like gnomes. They did that movie Dont be Afraid of the Dark that has to do with them. If things go missing you know its them. Scary little things but I like pan labyrinth where its about a girl and a faun (pan). and lately I've been writing bout sirens which has been mention already and lately this years has revolved zombies alot.
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Cerberus always struck me as pretty cool. And the Hydra.
mermaids, vampires, fallen angels, werewolves.
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La Llorona....she still frightens me to this very day.
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It's like a unicorn, but with holes in its horn. When the wind blows through it, lovely music is produced, and nearby creatures are drawn to the beast. Then it stabs the suckers and eats their flesh.

I may have colored that a bit, but it's a thing.

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