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Wendigo, the Slender Man and Gremlins
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I'd have to go with the Banshee. That thing is terrifying! sweatdrop
appearantly no-one has mention näkki and vodyanoy
I still am bit scared of mörkö / mrs. groke but at the same she's my favorite character of moomins since I read a book and realized that groke's been misunderstood!! if someone wants me to explain myself how groke's misunderstood then sure, just tap me on shoulder ^^
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I enjoy the thought of Sirens, to be honest....those girls were scary when they cared to be!
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Mine would be the selkie, the slender man and the moth man.
I love all of the creatures. Myths and Folklore fasicante me so much. I love learning about these thing. Im such a nerd. xD
I dont think so! I find it all very fascinating too! its called cryptozoology. I plan on studying it in college at least a little bit. smile
Kender. They may have a simple mind and distracted easily but that's the scary part. "Ooh what's this lever do?" Bam! Your whole party is dead because they set off a trap.
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Wendigo. I've heard plenty of horror stories about that thing. *shivers*
I'd say elves--not modern elves like the ones from Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft, but the more traditional elves that were beautiful in the front, but had gaping, rotting holes in their backs that if you saw the holes, you'd find the elf is actually hideous, and would kidnap people and use them as...children don't need to hear about this kinda thingslaves.
That said, everything everyone else mentioned is pretty scary.
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I love all myths, but my favorite is Cerberus! biggrin
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R a i n b o o h
In our country the Philippines, there is a creature called manananggal.

She is a woman that can seperate her body in half through the waistline and flies at night with her upper body (and leaves the other half in a hidden place), looking for pregnant women to feed on or sometimes children. It is said that the only way to kill a manananggal is to put salt on her lower body, so that she can't re-connect with it anymore. When the sun comes up and when the creature still can't return to her body, she gets burned by the sunlight.

Even today, there are some people who have encountered a manananggal, however, none of them have sufficient evidence.
I was gonna choose this too. wink I've read a lot of myths but nothing's scarier than the manananggal and its cousins (other variations) throughout Southeast Asia. We have one such item in The Nightmare (E.I.). The pose is called Penanggalan.
I haven't come across one yet that's actually scary for me.

Although, I do like kappas. In a way.

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