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GA: Id Have To Say Between The Daughters Of Cain... And The Faceless Woman.. From Stories I Heard About Her... Id Say, Im More Frightened By The Faceless Woman.

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For me its The Chimera, or scylla one of the monsters from the odyssey...
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Charon, the Ferryman of the River Styx. He is a frightening mythological figure/creature.
This post!~

Hnggggg Charon~ cat_redface
In our country the Philippines, there is a creature called manananggal.

She is a woman that can seperate her body in half through the waistline and flies at night with her upper body (and leaves the other half in a hidden place), looking for pregnant women to feed on or sometimes children. It is said that the only way to kill a manananggal is to put salt on her lower body, so that she can't re-connect with it anymore. When the sun comes up and when the creature still can't return to her body, she gets burned by the sunlight.

Even today, there are some people who have encountered a manananggal, however, none of them have sufficient evidence.
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Mine is the Kelpie.
-hands you a cookie- I have had a fascination with the Kelpie for about a decade now. cat_3nodding
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Amorra Aeterna
Mine is the Kelpie.
-hands you a cookie- I have had a fascination with the Kelpie for about a decade now. cat_3nodding
Ive just recently stumbled over it while doing a research paper, but i find it fasicinating, it's a very mysterious and powerful creature. I just read a fictional book that puts a twist of the legend of the kelpies, it was very good.
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Rusalka (slavic mythology), Nix (germanic mythology) and Siren (greek mythology) are water creatures that lure their victims into drowning.
Cerberus! ninja
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Maybe fairy Banshee? surprised
I've always liked Will o' the Wisps, but I understand that they're not necessarily malevolent.

Hmm, I'm partial to Kappas as well.
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sirens, harpies or shape shifters are my favs
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Basilisks. Not just the Harry Potter kind. That, and cockatrices.
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Same, anything that once started as human but was consumed and twisted into something else is incredibly scary to me.
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I've always liked werewolves and hellhounds myself (and not because of Jacob rolleyes ) They appear in so many ways and so many cultures that they've become a part of most of the world.

Otherwise, i'd go with dragons 3nodding

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