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My is a Dragon
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Well I'm Catholic so I guess The Devil would probably the scariest thing for me to meet.
The Chimera is pretty cool. A lioness with a snake's head on the end of her tail, and the head of a goat coming out of her back. Very interesting.
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me i want the dragon biggrin biggrin because it is the most popular myth for me
ronaald mc donald forsure
ronaald mc donald forsure

^Best answer
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torn between dragons and Cerberus XD
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I would have to go with a Boggart because of what they truly are
Brownies gone off the psycotic deep end
For me its gotta be between El Chupacabra and The Boogeyman. Both creep me out so much that if I ever think about them during the day, I will actually shut my closet before going to sleep that night sweatdrop

mine would have to be the EL Chupacabra it creeps me out so much and the Boogyman i thing there the one that people us the most in tv shows.
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Seriously. Slendy man hands down. <<
Dragons are nothing. Slendy uses them as pets.
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Mine would have to be the furies. They're a kind of harpy that have snakes in thier hair and they can use their feathers as knives. Not a creature you'd want to get angry. sweatdrop
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Mine is the Kelpie.

Kelpies are the only mythical creatures that really scared the crap out of me, so I'd have to go with those. It probably didn't help that when I was a kid my mother had a huge art book about mythical creatures of the world, and the Kelpies had the creepiest depictions.

A close second would be Stick-Men, since there's a lot of local folk-lore involving them that goes way back. Just imagining the smiles they're said to have gives me the chills.

Looking through posts, there seems to be a lot of mention of the slender man. I'm afraid to click on any links, but what is he? Is he similar to the stick men or something?

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