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Little red riding hood definitely. The original was story was truly interesting.
Red Riding Hood was mine, but they ruined it with a movie.
Princess Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. I've always dreamed of being her. emotion_kirakira She is so graceful, kind, beautiful. I've always been trying to sing like her.
Prince Ivan and Princess Vasilin the Wise. Or the Little Mermaid. Probab
ly the first though.
Prince Ivan and Princess Vasilin the Wise. Or the Little Mermaid. Probab
ly the first though.
Vasilina, sorry.
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Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot, Rotkäppchen, Rapunzel, Der Liebste Roland, & Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse.
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My favourite is hansel and gretel and alice in wonderland emotion_awesome
Ermmm...No homo but Little Red Riding Hood..... emo
Little red riding hood and alice in wonderland!
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Rose Red and Snow White (one story mind you the girls are sisters) - the story about two poor girls who live with there mother and in trying to help others they grow to live a "Happy endding"

The Rabbits Bride- The tale of a girl who is forced to wed a rabbit only to in the end confuse the rabbit and get away

King Thrushbeard - The tale of a princess who is utterly spoiled sent to live with a beggar and be his wife. Over the course of time the princesses outlook on things changes and she comes to find out the truth about the man she married

Much more as I used to read the Grimm's tales all the time of course sadly i don't have the true orrigonal copy as the "Complete" set i have now is the more toned down versions that have things censored out. All the same my god daughter loves it when I read them to her.
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I like Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Robbin Hood, and Rapunzel too.
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The Drunken Jester
Fairies don't have tails.
Also there is already a favorite fairy tale topic.
Fairies might have tails, it's a neverending question biggrin "Do fairies really have tails. Do they even exist... Like them this place as eternal mystery... A never ending adventure! "(from the Fairy Tail anime btw)
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Alice in Wonderland, NeverEnding Story and Aladdin
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As a young child it was Snow White.
Now as a young adult, It's Snow White and Beauty and the Beast.

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Alice in Wonderland, NeverEnding Story and Aladdin

I used to love Neverending Story ♥

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