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Invisible Phantom

Peter Pan! biggrin
i would like to be in tarzan smile
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Alice in Wonderland, no doubt.
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Tangled because I just love Flynn Rider smile And I honestly wouldn't mind living in the tower with my little chameleon biggrin
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Dedicated Lunatic

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Goldeilocks and the three bears
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Hilarious Genius

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Sleeping beauty.
I'd be to lazy to do any of the other ones.. sad
Plus the thought of being carried off by a seriously smexy man or woman makes me tingle(bisexual)
Alice In Wonderland FTW! cat_3nodding
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For a day i'd love to spend my time in snow white cuz its my favorite one and its so romantic and cute. and the little animals are adorable
Honestly Beauty and the Beast because well I have just always loved the story biggrin
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Beloved Friend

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i wanna be in the princess in the frog... not really the princess type, but i do admire how tiana work so hard to achieve her dreams
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Anxious Werewolf

Tangled! emotion_kirakira . . .Oh wait..Repunzel emotion_kirakira
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Eloquent Dabbler

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One I read about a magical library. I forget the title.
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Ruthless Consumer

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Either Alice in Wonderland or Beauty and the Beast.
lady and the tramp i love lady smile

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