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Its sort of funny how Disney and a whole bunch of other companies have taken the dark, sad, and troubled fairy tales of so many years ago and turned them into happy go lucky movies for kids. 3nodding

I'd like to see someone make a happy-go-lucky version of the Little Match Girl. I'd be interested to see what Disney might do to it.

Disney had done a short of The Little Match Girl, and surprisingly, didn't sugar coat it all that much. The most significant difference was that the abusive father wasn't mentioned. The short was made for Fantasia 2000 but was cut. I think you get it on the DVD.

Wow, thank you so much for sharing. I didn't know they made a short and it was very beautifully done, I think.
I've always liked the story of the Little Match Girl because at it's core, it's a realistic and moving story, and similar situations happen to children around the world every day.