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Do you remember the series?

Oh my gawd. I had forgotten all about this. 0.13071895424837 13.1% [ 40 ]
Wolf. <3 0.57843137254902 57.8% [ 177 ]
...no. (in which case you should check it out!) 0.29084967320261 29.1% [ 89 ]
Total Votes:[ 306 ]
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oh man the 10 kingdom isreally awesome. i love the trolls suckin elf! or wolf he awesome too huf f puff at typical.
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watched it a few days ago...and am considering watching it again, i really absolutely adore it. and wolf <3 it makes me tear up everytime when he cries to virginia not to leave him. Its just so well written and....just awesome smile
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Oh, I hope they do a sequel! That sounds like it would be great.
I wish I knew how many times I've watched it. It would be a very, very high number. razz
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Questionable Borg

I don't believe I've ever seen it.
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Love Wolf <3
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I like it too. It was cheesy, but it was amusing too. Wolf was my fave, but I liked the NY princess too.
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I LOVED IT! My brother and sisters stopped anything and everything we were doing, rushed to the living room and put the VCR (yes, old-school but hey! It was the era of video tapes, BEFORE DVDs became the thing!) on record as quickly as we could so that we could also catch some of the reviews of the previous episode even though we watched it the night before. lol Awesome miniseries! I had an urge to watch it a few years back and skipped class all day to watch the whole thing on youtube. ;3
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My friends and I ALWAYS put on the 10th kingdom for parties and sleepover nights (like on new years)

I love the shepherdess competition. "Buddy you're a... LAMB! Make a big... bleet.. playing in the fields gonna be a big... RAM someday! You've got wool on your face! You big disgrace! Waving your fleece all over the place! Singing 'we will, we will sheer you!'
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My favorite character is Wolf.
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I loved Christine. <3
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Quiet Daydreamer

Its nice to see that people still remember this show. I loved the show. It was rather interesting and different. I liked wolf, I think he was one of my favorite characters. My favorite part is when Tony and Virginia are in the forest and start singing with the mushrooms. I cant help but find that hilarious. This movie had a lot of great scenes.

Every time I hear A Whiter Shade of Pale I have to think of this series. Every time.

Me too! smile
I love the scene when Wolf is in a therapy session. lol

"I wanna love her... or EAT her! Of course I blame my parents, they were both ENORMOUS! They couldn't stop eating! Every day I would come home from school it was eat this, eat that, EAT HER!"
Every once in a while I'll be organizing our DvDs (I'm a neat freak when it comes to them) and I'll come across the 10th Kingdom and I just cant help but to stop what I'm doing and watch them, one after another. There's just something so amazing about those movies... heart
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I love this beginning of a miniseries. It would have been a big hit if it came out now. A campy and funny twist on Fairy Tales.

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