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what do u think?

I think that if you were going to post a Shakespearean play in Fractured Fairy Tales, you could have at least gone with one that actually involves fairies. Like The Tempest, or A Midsummer Night's Dream. The best Romeo & Juliet has is a single mention of Queen Mab, doesn't it...?

Hello again.

Romeo and Juliet has been twisted to turn it from a tragedy to a happy romance where these impulsive lovers get a happily ever after and somehow years of hatred are just dropped and forgotten for the sake of their marriage.

Ha! Even if they were allowed to marry just think of the pains Juliet would suffer living in that household. And you know eventually Romeo would stray.

But one twist on the tale I remember well is "The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns".

As always with Hallmark they have to take one story and make it happily ever after. So Romeo&Juliet are now Leprechauns and Fairies, there's some outside human help, deaths, romance and instead of them dying a la Darwinism they are saved and the feuds are ended, oh and just about everyone who 'died' returns.

They did the same thing to "Animal Farm". I'd love to see Hallmark do "Lord of the Flies".

A Midsummer Night's Dream I'd love to see twisted but not done again in a modern setting. Too many good Shakespeare stories were converted into teen flicks and half of them don't even realize that it's Shakespeare. "10 Things I Hate About You" "O" "She's the Man" "Midsummer's Night Rave". I know someone did the Tempest under a different name but I never saw it and don't want to.
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so... how 'bout it? i mean, they both died after knowing each other for a few days, and y'know, to me, it's kinda rediculous
what do u think?
I concur. It's a ridiculous love story, no doubt enticing though for its time period.
Yes, it is ridiculous. They had a lot of miscommunications and misunderstandings. sweatdrop lol
And, they don't even know each other well. rolleyes
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Romeo and Juliet is so Romantic heart heart heart
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theres a book where they both die but u see them in the afterlife. its called juliet immortal.
Eh, I actually think that they were rather stupid. I like all of the other Shakespeare stories, but despise this one...
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Over dramatic, love crazed lovers, perhaps?

I wouldn't know, honestly, but it does sound more than a little ridiculous.
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i think the story of Romeo & Juliet is very Romantic and Sweet. heart

I agree with you.
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Personally, I'd think it was more romantic if they'd actually escaped and stayed together until they were old. Having to deal with everyday hardships together. I mean really, if Romeo had just waited a few minutes, Juliet would have woken up and everything would have been all fine and dandy. And yes, young people aren't known to have the best ideas. Juliet was -I believe- about 13, 14, and, if your own preteen years are any example, that's not really the highlight of any girls life. Then Romeo is -I believe- a 16 year old boy. High school boys are RENOWNED for being horny buggers. If this story isn't a showcase of bad decisions I don't know what is. neutral
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People who've never read the book like to say it's a love story, it actually is a story about the impulsivity of teenagers.

Still I gotta love the dialogues.
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Pyro BladeWing
People who've never read the book like to say it's a love story, it actually is a story about the impulsivity of teenagers.

Still I gotta love the dialogues.

It reminds me of Reefer Madness (hadn't seen the musical, so I'm referring to the original "Tell Your Children" short that was completely unintentionally hilarious) when the two kids say they're like Romeo and Juliet in their tragic naïveté. Of course, then they try weed...
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what's ridiculous for me is that they "love" each other based on first sight's impression. i don't believe love at first sights
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When I see todays teen-girls, I think they would die for realtionship after few days.... just cuz they are stupid.... gonk mrgreen stressed
But back then, it was different... but I still think it's weird.
We have to remember that it's just story.

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