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Have you seen Puss in Boots?

yes 0.61194029850746 61.2% [ 41 ]
no 0.38805970149254 38.8% [ 26 ]
Total Votes:[ 67 ]
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Ruthless Punching Bag

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Have you seen Puss in Boots? was it good?
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Eloquent Streaker

It's on DVD. I literally rented it from Redbox on Friday.

And it was decent, at least as good as Shrek The Third. Wasn't fantastic, though.
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Ruthless Punching Bag

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I love the Shrek Movies so I really wanted to see the Puss in Boots movie! 4laugh
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I watched it on the plane.
Seriously.It's funny.
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Mega Hunter

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i saw it and i thought it was awesome, but that's just my opinion. for one, i like antonio banderas and for two, i really love the character, Puss
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Dangerous Hunter

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I too saw it when it came out in the theaters. It was as good as Zorro, except he's a cool cat.
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Ruthless Punching Bag

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Its good to here so many people liked it! 3nodding
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I saw it in theatres. I want to see the Three Diablos though. Those kitens are adorable!!! heart
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Toothsome Prophet

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I saw it in theaters. It was funny but I thought the story was kind of weak.
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Philosophizing Cat

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Eh, to be honest... It was okay... At least, as long as you don't really think about how this film does not explain how or why Puss shows up in the Shrek storyline cat_sweatdrop

...Major, major continuity errors... cat_xp

BTW, the Three Diablos or whatever that mini-sode on the DVD is, well, an example of how some jokes (the whole cute eyes thing Puss does) are taken way, way too far to be funny, IMHO cat_rolleyes
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Tricky Cat

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I thought the movie was good. It was funny and makes Puss out to be like Zorro complete with troubled past and his way with the ladies. Loved the "Glitter Box" seen. ^_^ I was hopeing that the Three Diablos would be longer, but it was still very cute. My son loves watching both. biggrin

My greatest regret buying it was that I bought it at the wrong store and ended up paying to much for it. crying
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Demonic Shounen

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I haven't seen it, but I really want it. emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira
i watched it with my younger sister. We both loved it. ^^ it help sometimes to enjoy a children's movie with children
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I think it's good. Better than Shrek 4.
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Beloved Strawberry

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It was funny, but no where near as funny as the Shrek movies. It was like a different class of humor.
The only thing that really bugged me about it was that it didn't follow the actual story of Puss n Boots at all. It was though they tried to stuff as many fairy tale references in the movie as possible.
I know that's what Shrek did, but in Shrek's case, that was kind of the point of the movie.

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