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You copy-pasted that directly from Smosh!!!!!!!
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You copy-pasted that directly from Smosh!!!!!!!

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London Bridge is Falling Down? Obvious.
Mary Had A Little Lamb, It Followed Her To School One Day, blah blah blah Stalker or a *****. At least from rumors that I've heard in circulation.
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why do nursery rhymes usually have such creepy meanings?
The world was a different place... all of the "horrible sex and violence" in our media today pails in comparison to things that were actually happening on a daily basis in the middle ages. So the things that we see as deplorable horror stories were just banal tales used to distract jaded children. Thank God for modern society, right?
I thought the "broke his crown" part meant the crown of his skull.
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there is also Ring Around the Rosies, it's about the black death & dying.
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i dont think teachers know this emotion_awesome
wowi guess i never wondered abotu the meaning XD
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Someone mentioned Norse mythology and I agree. I've always though it had something to do with the moon.
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Wow, never knew that was what Jack and Jill were really about eek

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