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Dapper Phantom

- A wallet that generates 1000$ every 10 minutes. mrgreen
- Eternal Youth
- Immortality
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Questionable Prophet

1) The ability to read and speak all languages, past and present.

2) Full access too all of the locked rooms in the Vatican, Pentagon and anyplace else that hides secrets.

3) The ability to teleport but I'll settle for Astral Projection.
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Dapper Mage

1) To be able to grant anyones wishes

2) To be able to fly

3) To be able to live in happiness
hmm i would wish the US could Pay its debt off then possible have gas prices drop, and have a change on " the Price Is Right "

Kawaii Bunny

1) My family to be in good health
2) forever young
3) I want to be god (if there really is one)
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Hm, this is kinda tough. I feel that after I wished, I'd think of other things to wish for...
How about
1. Be psychic (includes clairvoyance, Telepathy, E.S.P. etc all of them^^) Then I could teleport all of the first nations unwanted food to third world countries and, bada boom bada bing, no more world hunger) (not to mention I'd be able to make a living tell fortunes and contacting dead loved ones^^) Also, inducing hallucinations, so people could meet their fav characters or dead loved ones, or enter their fav story.
2. End organized religion. Seriously, this is the cause of more disagrements and wars nowadays. Not ending religion, people will still be free to practice whatever religion they desire, but there will be no more segregation between religions like going to a mosque or church.
3. End prejudice. Probably not all at once, but speed up the process^^

Hopefully, once the world is all friendly and happy, we'll be able to cooperate and make as many scientific advancements as per needed with our growing population and climate concerns^^.
(Yeah, no world peace, we have to learn to achieve that on our own)
be president forever ,summer break forever, be rich!
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Shameless Stalker

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my three wishes would be:
1. be able to make beautiful clothes
2. success on my diet
3. getting rid of negative thoughts
My three wishes would be : I would have 10 more wishes . The world would be healthy , People would stop polluting land/water and stop cutting down trees. and for my extra 10 wishes xd : People would be respectful , not be racist , stop killing animals , People who are poor would have a good life , unicorns in my house 4laugh , meeting my idols , i would have a good future , each person in the world would have fair money , people wouldnt be greedy and me having a awesome house rofl
People 2 Like Me For Me
No Abuse
And Stop World Diasters And Stuff
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Devoted Genius

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Yay you are too generous - good for everyone biggrin
If I had 3 wishes, they should be:
I'm immortal.
I have dragon pet.
I can use magic.
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Romantic Dabbler

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1) for everyone to find there true love, even if they don't know who it is yet.
2) for food for everyone.
3) enough money for everyone to at least get by on.
Marry Shane Dawson, Become besties with ONISION, and meet One Direction xp
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Partying Shapeshifter

World Peace

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