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1. I wish that I would always have enough money for my family and I to afford to live well.
2. I wish good health for my family and for myself.
3. I wish I had a scooter!
That this weekend wouldn't have to end becuse other then the weather it's been a perfectily amazing
That my hair could look as cool as my avis in real life
And to get perfect grades in my classes
To understand/comprehend/speak all spoken languages, the ability to teleport like the main character in Jumper, and be in perfect health for the rest of my mortal life.
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1. When I reach into my pocket, purse for a purchase or type in for an online purchase I will always have at least double the amount over the amount needed to buy the thing.
2. Be able to shape-shift into anything, anyone, anytime at my own will.
3. To be the best ever at what I do whether it's just a game or my career.
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1) Make me Healthy
2) Give me a Happy life
3) more WISHES blaugh
End of all suffering in the world, The ability to do everything (like a backflip on a motorcycle), A rich, happy, well-taken care of family of mine.
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1. Happiness to all people especially me and my family
2. World Peace
3. 3 more wishes:
a) World Equality or Anti-Racism
b) No more wars
c) No more crime, like drug-dealing
I'd wish to be healthy again, longevity for me and mine (I don't want to live forever - just for a very, very long time), and for the ability to travel wherever and whenever I want.
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Unlimited wishes , changing the past , no enemies .
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wish one would be for world peace, then end of world hunger and a cure for cancer....
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Wish #1: To be with the girlfriend forever, legally married, acknowledged as a couple, able to transition and have the same rights as everyone else.
Wish #2: No LGBTI discrimination!
Wish #3: Maybe win the lottery?
1. Since generally you can't wish for more wishes, I'd ask for the genie to have amnesia
2. I don't think world peace would solve anything, so I'd wish for more tolerance
3. Wish for a job I really would enjoy (that pays)
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1.your Mom
2.your Dad
I'd wish for...
Eternal youth, Invisibility, and a light saber. heart

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