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My 3 wishes is none. There are no wish grantors in life and if you have a wish you have to fight for it to achieve it dont beg for it fight for it. So I have no wish even if I do Ill fight it to grasp it. 👍
It's a fairytale. Not reality.
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Guys, don't be too hard on him. Just use your imaginations please. I just happen to not want my world to happy-go-lucky, just saying. It wouldn't provoke story ideas that well. My life revolves around story ideas... which is why I don't believe I am being a hypocrite.

Anyways, be a little easier on The Forum Ambassador so we can all try to be together and 'good friends', or something like that.
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1. to be able to stop nightmares
2. to make my friends smile
3. for no more drama [or if its to big a clean house]

keep it small, as is the rule with wishes the bigger the wish the worse it becomes.
Fairy tales dont exist 😓 but anyway thats how children think...oh and I write stories as well. 😒 but whatever three wishes........cant seem to think if any. 😨
1. World Domination.
2. Trees distributed throughout the planet~
3. A stingray............... emotion_kirakira
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1. Beer
2. Sammich
3. Bewbs.

In that order. emotion_awesome
1. The ability to climb into books and be a part of the story/reality.
2. for my OC's to be able to climb out of my mind and be real
3. I would save for emergencies
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1) to be accepted by my family for who I am

2) more money so I can finish college

3) to have my dream job of being a kindergarten teacher
1) To be Multi-billionare rich and able to help everyone I care for
2) Good health for all those I care for.
3) End World Hunger
1. Job growth for the Usa so ppl could have jobs
2.Cheap Collage for All
3. My mom to have a ton load of money so she could be happy
1. A world without evil, suffering, pain, or fear.
2. That the would be restored to its natural beauty and for pollution not to exist when we build things.
3. For mythological creatures to be real, such as: merfolk, elves, centaurs, unicorns, etc. 4laugh
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I would wish for a cure for my pertussis (whooping cough) as its affected my life for the past twenty years, I would wish to be able to teleport so I could see my friends abroad, and finally, world peace treaty agreements, annihilating war and unequal distribution of world resources.
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World peace? Never gonna happen. No more disease? Totally, a million thousand, very very many years away (that made sense right?).

But...if I had to wish for something...it'd probably be

1. For all the wishes to come out as I want them, because everyone knows genies aren't fair when it comes to wishing.

2. To fly!


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