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Have you read the grimm version of cinderella?

yes 0.56626506024096 56.6% [ 47 ]
no 0.32530120481928 32.5% [ 27 ]
I think so? 0.10843373493976 10.8% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 83 ]
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Invisible Phantom

What about Grimm?
It's dark like the original fairy tales. I love this show

I read cinderella.
Her step sisters are beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. And it's kind of a gory story.
I meantion cinderella because this weeks episode hints at it being about cinderella.
heart heart heart
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Fashionable Vampire

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I've got a big book of their stories but haven't read it yet......

Though Grimm is becoming one of my favorite shows!! My favorite episode by far was with the Dragon!! I love dragons.......and that episode was a very creative rendition of the typical dragon story!
Grimm Stories are amazing!!!! There's nothing better than having the step sisters cut there feet to fit into the glass slippers!
The Grimm versions are a lot better than the Disney ones in my opinion. Although they're a bit intense for kids o.o
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I love watching grimm its better than watching the cartoon version of the charters I also have a twisted mind so I think that it shows the twisted side of the disney charcters like cenderella and snow white my favorite is the red ridding hood one I watched that one with my cousin and now she hates to be in the same room with me when that show is on smile
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No. 0: Where can I read original Grimm fairy tales?
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Invisible Phantom

No. 0: Where can I read original Grimm fairy tales?

you can read them in google books
I did notice that the cinderella story didn't end the same as it did in my book.
Spoiler(just because it was omitted):

Cinderella walks down aile with her sisters. One on each side of her and the birds from the tree land on her shoulders and peak at the two sisters. I think there was more but it been awhile since i read it. 3nodding
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cinderella . ♥
Grimm tales are the best anyway. xp
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I love grim so much its the best show ever
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Questionable Borg

I don't believe I've read any of the stories...

But I can't get into the tv show
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Dangerous Hunter

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Grimm is one of the half-handful of tv shows I actually set out to purposely watch, anymore. It's fun and dark, interesting, and NOT shallow, which makes it a win in my book. 3nodding

So much of what's on tv anymore is utter tripe/garbage, and made to appeal to nothing but shallowness, vain-ness, violence and sex. UGH.

BTW, I think my favorite character on Grimm (besides our intrepid grim himself) is the police Sergeant who's always doing stuff for the partners. Hee. mrgreen
I love the Grimm version xD

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