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its just like that magical guy.mrs earl king its pretty old haha
and hes not what you think he is
and fairies r not called fairies there acually called linet nights
I believe that fairies arn't real, but when i'm lonly and just need someone to talk to. Their a great help. neutral
I think they exist, just not in the way fairy tales make to be, at least not anymore.i think technology is killing them
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I believe there are things out there we can't see, like a forth dimension or something. No matter what humans tend to always seek out more, like we want to believe their is something more out there that is magic, like for example santa clause when we were young, it was something that all children got excited about, and something they all wanted to believe smile
I dont believe they are real y but somebody used their imaginations to create them...^_^
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Are Fairy's Real???

Are fairy's real? Some people think yes and others think No.... I have become very confused I no in my head they aren't but what if they were? People don't even think about it... They say Oh no you are such a baby because I do believe but, I don't.. If you know what I mean..
Tell me what you think... Yes or No? I need to know...

if you think about it, people say the same thing about God
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I don't know...
I will say no,even the other half of me says yes.
I'm just so confused about it...
Fae are real. I've seen them.
Fairy is a kind of imagination that human think.It doesn't weird if someone believed that. But other will think it impossible.
i see no reason not to believe in them. Just because I havent seen them doesn't mean they dont exist, especially since I live in the whole metropolitan, skyscraper, cement, steel and galss area, and there isnt exactly a lot of places for a fairy....
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I don't think they are real, but they I like the idea of them.
I do believe in them. Part of my brain hasn't caught up with the other half. So part of it is still child. So yes. I do believe in them.
I'm just going to keep hoping they are. 3nodding

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