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Are Fairy's Real???

Are fairy's real? Some people think yes and others think No.... I have become very confused I no in my head they aren't but what if they were? People don't even think about it... They say Oh no you are such a baby because I do believe but, I don't.. If you know what I mean..
Tell me what you think... Yes or No? I need to know...
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I like the idea of fairy's, but I don't believe they exist.
Lol, I say just go with your imagination. Don't ever let it die. Just keep believing and the world seems to be a more exciting place. smile
Myself, my fiance, and around 2/3rd's of the people I know all believe in fairy's.
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If I stopped believing in them then a fairy would die, so of course I do! D:
I came from Neverland! I need you to clap all the time ok!? That's how lively fairies can get! They're hiding from governments and commusits and people that wanted to misuse the fairies for their evil deeds hee hee
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I doubt they're real, but I think it would be cool if they did. I think they'd make good pets or friends.

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I believe so, yes. c:
its probaly a story like tinkerbell.but being a fairy is cool dude

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