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I had my hopes up till I read the bold letters that this was a april fool's hoax.
Aah, the creator of this model is awesome since its soo realistic and well made though.
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but still fairies and other majestic mythical/cryptids creatures will always fascinate and awe me.

What are your thoughts about it?
Ever wondered if they exist but well hidden from us?
or ...they were hilariously left behind because they were late when Noah built his ark when the flood came like the parody about it on robot chicken? emotion_awesome
(If you don't know what Robot chicken.. get out of here. No, no just kidding, just look it on youtube or something. I'm too lazy to give you a summary about what it is. emotion_hug )
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I doubt they exist, but a part of me wonders if fairies and other mythical beings are just hiding somewhere.
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I don't know if they exist or not, but it is fun to think about the mythical world being right under our noses.
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A parody of the silly ol' Noah's Ark/Unicorn hypothesis, orly?

If fairies (as we think of them today, not scary Morgan Le Fey bitches) exist, they would exist in the way those two little girls tricked Arthur Conan Doyle into believing they had proof...little plant fairies, hiding in the woods and flowers.
Fairies do exist; just look at Ryan Seacrest.
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I wish they existed.
My mum told me,when she was a kid,everytime a horse from their village would have a braid,they would be scared and thought the fairies made them.
the screw up fairy does exist i freaking hate that little monster :p
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I'd love for them to exist... Our world needs a little magic.
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I don't know, growing up i lived close to the woods so when i was little I would go out into them and see flowers and what not and think that only the Fairy's could have done it. Prehapps due to my imgagionation I heard music out in the woods that was most likely just wind in the trees or flowers, but all the same. I cant say I don't think they exist nor can i say i believe they don't.
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it'd be cool if it was real
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they would be interesting as long as they didnt bite like the pixies off of Labyrinth >.>
oh and heres a fairy smile
User Image
XD I made her on request at my shop
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I used to believe in fairies when I was little. There was a sort of cave shrouded with leaves that my friends dared me to enter. But I was scared that the fairies would turn in me into an insect or a flower or something. I don't see the magic in it now, but I wish I had gone in instead of running away.
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As an actual biological life-form, fairies are completely impossible. If one were to argue that they existed as a type of spiritual or ethereal entity, that would be slightly more plausible.
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I saw fairies once when I was little in the woods but they actually small but scary looking demons/devils with bat wings gonk If fairies really exist, they are part of spiritual entities like ghosts and devils or spirits.
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I don t know if they exist ,but the fact that people love and fear them shows that they are extremely important to us .So for me ,the fact that they exist in our minds and hearts is enough.

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