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Do you think happy endings are over-rated?

Yes 0.27237354085603 27.2% [ 70 ]
No 0.3579766536965 35.8% [ 92 ]
Kinda.... 0.36964980544747 37.0% [ 95 ]
Total Votes:[ 257 ]
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The endings of many fairytales are not happy.

The prince chooses another to wed. The little mermaid's sisters give her a knife and tell her to kill the prince and let his blood coat her legs as this will turn her legs back into her tail. The little mermaid approaches the bed where her prince and his wife are sleeping and finds that she can't kill him. Instead she throws the knife over the side of the ship and jumps in after it, drowning herself and turning into sea foam.

The girl, the red shoes forcing her to dance all day and all night, gets a woodcutter to chop her feet off. The shoes, her feet in them, dance away. She finds employment and tries to go to church to be forgiven, but the shoes (with the stubs of her feet in them) dance in front of her, blocking her way. She never gets to church, but her prayers are still heard and angels arrive, taking her to heaven.

The princess wakes up from her century-long nap to find herself the mother of twins.

The treacherous servant girl is forced into a barrel pierced with nails and is dragged along behind a cart until she is dead.

The princess did not have enough nettles to finish all the shirts before she was being taken to the square to be burned as a witch. Although her life is saved, her youngest brother is stuck with one arm and one swan wing for the rest of his life.

The prince, tricked by the sorcerer into choosing the wrong woman to be his bride, has no way of lifting the curse from his love. The prince and princess turn together and dive off the cliff into the waters below.
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I Electra I
fire monkey95
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fire monkey95
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I personally think happy endings are over-rated but usually in fairy tales there are always happy endings xp
What is your opinion?
they should ahve the happy ending and like have a twist ... like they get together and find one of them has an std and passed it on tot eh other one emotion_awesome

I agree rofl
or like the princess gets with a prince, she thinks the prince is cheating on her, so she calls the Jeremy kyle show for a lie detector test

We asked Prince Charming at the start of the relationship with Cinderella a year ago if he had intercourse with any other person.

He said no

But he was lieing


Cinderella *crying* - WHO WAS IT!
Prince Charming - *walks out studio to boos*
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Happy endings should be done right IMO

If it's just, BAM! In your face all the time it gets repetitive--but if done in a unique way I don't mind =3 Personally I like bittersweet endings and I HATE sad endings evil
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Well, it all depends on the story. If it's dark and depressing for most of it, but then suddenly everyone ends up happy, I'll be annoyed. In that case, a happy ending would feel forced. If there is a war and all the characters we know survive, that's ridiculous. Occasionally though, if a lot of bad things happen to a character, you want something good to happen to them. On the other hand, if a happy ending can match with the story or the events seem to be leading to one, then it is okay.

The story has to lead up to the ending, happy or unhappy. If it doesn't, I will find the ending unsatisfying, even if an appropriate ending would mean characters I like die.

In certain shows I really enjoy (e.g. Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, etc.), the endings range from depressing to uplifting, but I tend to be satisfied with them simply because they were properly led up to. They are smooth endings, not something that seems tacked on or forced.

I think a lot of people like happy endings because they are emotionally invested in the story and they want things to end well for the characters. It's the reason why the main character doesn't die that often. You spend a couple of hours reading the story (assuming it's a book) and you care about them. You don't want them to die just so the author can say they had a twist ending (and perhaps even for other reasons, depending on the person). The main character is the one you tend to care about the most as well. You're seeing things through their perspective. They are your introduction to their world. Even if they turn out to be slightly crazy (Yagami Light, anyone?), you still tend to care about them, even if only a little.

Personally, I don't like endings with a lot of ambiguity or unnecessary tragedy. Besides, sometimes, I just want to see everything go well, particularly when things aren't going well for me. Reading is an escape. While relating to the story is nice (brilliant, really), so is being able to lose yourself in a story and feel better at the end of it, even if nothing has changed for you.

TL;DR: The content of the story should at least hint at the ending. A unhappy ending should not be used for a cheerful, light story. Forced endings are a sign of poor writing. People want happy endings because they get emotionally invested in the story and/or because reading is a way to escape reality.
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Actually the original fairy tales seem to have quite a lot of sad endings. But Disney doesn't do sad endings hence all the happy endings.

Happy endings are over-rated but sad endings always feel incomplete to me. confused
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Actually the original fairy tales seem to have quite a lot of sad endings. But Disney doesn't do sad endings hence all the happy endings.

Happy endings are over-rated but sad endings always feel incomplete to me. confused

Love your avi! heart
Happy endings give people hope. Why take that away?
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I dont think happy endings are overrated. I mean i honestly think most fairy tales are happy then sad then happy again depending on the fairy tale of course. As for life i think everyone has to struggle before they can have a true happy ending. Otherwise they wont appreciate what they have.
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Sometimes it depends on the story, but I don't think happy endings are overrated.

I think children need more happy endings in this world nowadays.

Although, personally, I prefer bittersweet endings. They make me feel nostalgic
... heart
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Happying Endings are never over-rated in Fairy Tales. It's why they are called Fairy Tales. Besides, there are alot of other reads that don't have happy endings. I'll read those if I don't feel like a Happy Ending.
I think happy endings are necesary for kids, but fairy tales have a lot of versions and the older ones usually dont have happy endings :/ the little marmaid turned into foam u.u i think its because the romanticism was that way...

Anyways, I think theres a stage in everybody's life when we need a happy ending, but they also may be a little overrated
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I hate happy endings, they remind me of how real life sucks.. T^T
Happy endings give people hope. Why take that away?
Mm, because the world is full of ******** up people who do shitty things to each other unless someone puts them in check... and no one will, because they are too afraid, don't want to get involved, or there is nothing in it for them to benefit from.
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I love happy endings! Even though it's cliche, I still find it very amusing. It makes me happy.

Fairy tales that make the big screen needs to have happy endings. The animated ones like Disney needs this kind of ending because they target a younger audience. Some children come to see the movie and they wouldn't be entirely happy if the movie ended sadly. I wouldn't be either.

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