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These items are pretty hideous D:

Couldn't agree more. And I l-o-v-e red pandas.
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I work at walgreens, and I already know we probably won't get zeevex cards at our store for at least a few weeks. How long will the red panda slippers be offered?
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But not for Australians.

*stalks away disappointed*
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That dose sound easy. mrgreen
Hmm very good Option... I Have To See In CVS And Walgreens...
Since I Live In Puerto Rico... I've Never Seen A Gaia Cash Card In ANY Store Here. C:
I Hope We Have Zeevex Cards Here!
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Sparkly Darling

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I like this because I haven't been able to find cash cards anywhere near me for a very long time. I live in a very rural area and the only thing around is... Wallmart. They stopped restocking gaia cash cards a couple years ago. I was pretty bummed about it.
Wallmart only ever selling big brand items or really really basic items upsets me. They are too big a company not to appeal to minorities.
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what is going on i got a stupid card and it says "your transaction fee i 57mil. but your card has only 10$ how do i fix this i am very pissed off
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Fashionable Warlord

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never mind i figured out what i did wrong
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Thank you gaia! This is helpful!
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is there a link on this website to find stores?
please dont send links using BING MAPS as there maps are often inaccurate
That's cool emotion_bigheart
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Well, this is a darned good idea on Gaia's part. It will provide more buys and such, and will give people more of a reason to buy GC. My only gripe regarding GC is the amount the items are going to cost during the Black Friday SALES.
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Hi Sisky I encountered a problem with redeeming my Zeevex cards. I redeemed 5 of them preparing for the Black Friday sale but I only received 3 Red Panda Slippers, the other 2 failed to show up in my inventory. I have the PM's from redeeming my cards in my inbox in case you need the id's. I also sent a billing inquiry.

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