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Hey Gaia!

Recently we said that we would be making some changes to our Gaia-branded cash cards, and that these would no longer be sold in certain stores in the US for various reasons. We realize that this news was a bit upsetting for those of you who you prefer to get physical cards in stores because it means you don't have to purchase Gaia cash online with your PayPal, credit card, etc. Not to worry, you'll still be able to do this!

We're excited to tell you about our new partner Zeevex. Zeevex is a virtual currency company that has physical cards in a wide range of stores across the US, and you can use these cards to get your Gaia cash...right on Gaia!

The Zeevex card will function in the same way as a traditional Gaia-branded cash card. Zeevex cards come in $10 and $20 denominations, or an open denomination card where you can decide how much money to add onto the card. You simply buy the card from the store and have the clerk activate the card, come back to Gaia and login to your account, enter the card's PIN number, and get your Gaia cash. See? Same functionality as before, and no having to shop online if you don't want to!

Please read below for more details on where you can get the Zeevex card as well as other information about Gaia cash cards in general.

Be well!
The Gaia Admin Team
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yum_puddi Questions about Zeevex Cards yum_puddi

Where can I find Zeevex cards?
Zeevex cards can be found in over 41,000 locations across the US! Some of the companies that sell Zeevex cards are Walgreens, 7-11, Game Stop, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Toys R Us, and more! For a complete list of retailers that carry Zeevex cards, please see the full list on their site: List of Zeevex Retailers

What denominations do Zeevex cards come in?
Zeevex cards come in $10 and $20 cards. Zeevex also has open denomination cards where you can determine how much money you want to add to the card, then pay that amount at the store register.

Where do I redeem my Zeevex card PIN to get my Gaia cash?
You can redeem it right on Gaia! Just go to the Zeevex link on the payments page which can be found at: http://www.gaiaonline.com/zeevex and click the "Redeem" button and follow the steps to redeem your card PIN and get your Gaia cash!

What if the store near me is out of Zeevex cards?
Great question! We want you all to have easy access to these cards, so if a retailer is not stocked with the cards and you believe they should have them, please let us know! Send us a billing ticket through our Help Center and let us know! Please make sure to include the store name and address/location where the cards are missing. We'll then contact our partners at Zeevex and let them know there is an issue!

Are Zeevex cards available internationally?
Unfortunately, at this time, Zeevex cards are only available in the US. If they expand to other areas, we'll definitely let you all know! biggrin

yum_puddi Questions about Gaia-branded & other Cash Cards yum_puddi

Why are you removing Gaia-branded cash cards from US shops?
Many large chain stores located in the US are changing the way they stock game/gift cards, and tend to be focusing on larger brand name cards (e.g. Xbox cards, Facebook cards, etc.) This change is affecting many companies, not just Gaia. We also want to try new things, and partner with virtual currency companies that offer cash cards more consistently and in a wider range of locations.

What about Gaia-branded cash cards in Canada?
Canadian Gaians will not be affected by the removal of Gaia-branded cash cards from certain stores in the US. The retailers that currently carry the cards for you will (as far as I am aware) continue to carry the. This includes your Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, etc. In fact, Gaia-branded cash cards will be coming into Target stores in Canada, so that will be an additional place you can get them!

Why would stores like Target and Walmart carry Gaia-branded cash cards in Canada but not in the US?
Although these stores have the same parent corporation, companies operate differently in different areas of the world. What works for stores in Canada might not work for stores in the US. I know it is a bit confusing - business decisions often can be!

I live in the US and I have a Gaia-branded cash card but haven't used it yet - will I still be able to redeem it after these chages are made?
Absolutely! If you purchased a Gaia-branded cash card, you'll still be able to use it normally, and get your cash. No worries about that!

I collect Gaia-branded cash cards and I'll miss the NPCs and Gaia art on the cards - this makes me sad! What can I do? crying
Awwww, don't feel sad! *gives you a huge squishy hug* We're releasing a series of collectible physical cards with new art and designs that you'll be able to pick up through Rixty.

I cannot find a store near me that sells Zeevex cards or Gaia-branded cash cards - are there any other card options I should know about?
Great question! If you cannot find either Zeevex or Gaia-branded cash cards in a retailer near you, you could also get Gaia cash by purchasing an Ultimate Game Card! This card works the same way as the Zeevex or Gaia-branded cash cards - buy a card and have it activated at the register, return to Gaia and login, then redeem the PIN at the Ultimate Game card section on our payments page, and get your cash!

I am located outside of the US and Canada and cannot get either the Gaia-branded or Zeevex cards - this frustrates me! scream Are there any cards I can purchase to redeem for Gaia cash?
Ultimate Game cards are available in a variety of countries around the world, so most of you fabulous international users should be able to pick one of these cards up to get your Gaia cash! For a full list of countries in which Ultimate Game cards are sold, please check out their website page here: List of Countries Where Ultimate Game Cards are Sold
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yum_puddi Upcoming Gaia Cash Card/Purchase Promotions - Limited-Time Item Grants yum_puddi

To celebrate this new partnership, for a limited time only each of the following payment methods will give you a bonus item for each purchase of $10 or more worth of Gaia Cash you make.

    Buy $10 or more of Gaia Cash on an Ultimate Game Card and get a Red Panda Scarf!
    Buy $10 or more of Gaia Cash on a Zeevex Game Card and get the Red Panda Slippers!
    Buy $10 or more of Gaia Cash on a Gaia-branded Cash Card and get Woodland Fawn Scarf!
    Buy $10 or more of Gaia Cash with PayPal and get the Woodland Fawn Slippers!

This promotion won't last forever, so you might want to get your Gaia cash now!

Check out a picture of the items - aren't they AWESOME! biggrin
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yum_puddi Locate A Cash Card Contest yum_puddi
To celebrate our new partnership with Zeevex, and to show how easy it is to find Cash Cards in a variety of stores around the world, we're having a "Locate A Cash Card" Contest!

Entering this contest is really simple to do! All you have to do is go to one of your local stores that carries Zeevex cards, Ultimate Game Cards, or Gaia-branded Cash cards and snap a picture of the card. You then post the picture in this thread before the contest is over, and you could win!

Read below for contest rules and details!


How do I enter the Locate A Cash Card Contest?
To enter this contest, you need to take the following steps:
1) Go to a local retailer near you that sells either Gaia-branded cash cards, Zeevex cards, or Ultimate Game cards. Once you've located any one of these cards in the store, take a picture of the card!
3) Once you have your picture, you'll need to upload it to a hosting service (e.g. Photobucket) and then post the image in this thread with the following information:

* Username
* Name of the Cash card you found
* Name of the store in which you found the card (e.g. Walgreens, Game Stop, etc.)
* Date you found the card

How many times can I enter this contest?
You may enter once for each of the following cash card types, so up to 3 times in total:
a) Gaia-branded cash cards
b) Zeevex cards
c) Ultimate Game Cards

Are there any rules for the image I take?
There are a few rules regarding the image you post as an entry:
a) You must be the person who took the image and have rights to post the image.
b) The image must be appropriate for Gaia Online - no inappropriate objects or people in the background of the image. Keep it clean folks!
c) If your image is really large, please post it behind spoiler tags so it doesn't stretch the page. Page-stretching images are irksome!

Do I have to buy the cash card to enter this contest?
No, although we always like when you buy cash cards to get Gaia cash! For this contest, you just have to take a picture of the card and tell us the name of the store in which you found the card.

I want to be creative with my image, any suggestions?
Well, you could try to pose the card in front of some other store items for humor, or perhaps hold the card up in front of the store's name! Use your imagination - we're sure you'll come up with something fabulous! Again though, no holding the card up in front of items that are not appropriate for Gaia. You know, some drug stores/pharmacies sell adult-based supplies, and we'd rather not see the cards in front of THOSE types of items eek

How many winners will this contest have?
There will be 3 winners - one for the Gaia-branded cash cards, one for Zeevex cards, and one for Ultimate Game cards.

So what do the winners get for a prize?
Aside from the deep inner satisfaction of knowing they helped other Gaians easily identify various Cash cards and their locations, the winners will each receive $25 worth of Gaia cash.

I am located outside of the US - can I still enter these contests?
As long as you are in an area where they sell at least one of these Cash cards, and as long as it is allowed in your country, you can enter!

How long does this contest run?
This contest runs from today, November 19th, 2012 until 11:59 PM PST December 3, 2012. Plenty of time to get out and take the pictures!

How will winners be selected?
Winners will be randomly picked by randomly generating a page number in the thread and post number using a random number generator. If a card type has already won and we pick it again, we'll generate another page number and post number until we have one winner for each card biggrin
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Saving in case I need to add updates biggrin
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I'm Canadian so the prices don't work out with Gaia like it doesn't with Game Card cause of money difference. emo
[Edit: wow, first poster besides op. emotion_kirakira ]
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gimme those red panda slippers pls thanks
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I love the idea! I've never heard of these companies, so I'll keep my eyes peeled next time I'm at the store. smile

I also quite like the fawn scarf. More grants like that in the future, I hope. (as in more versatile, less silly) <3
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FAWN STUFF emotion_kirakira
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gimme those red panda slippers pls thanks
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Does the awards system compensate fairy for foreign users? (I know its a big ask and unlikely) I tend to purchase Ultimate Gamer Cards, is Zeerex in NZ?
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So, if I want to spend less than $10, I can do that with Zeevex?
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cool options looking for these cards
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Very cool.
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I hope the stores in my area might have them....

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