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We just wanted to drop a little reminder here; please do not attempt to sell items that are not in your possession. This includes selling items for someone else, as in I am selling a halo for my friend while the item is not on your own account. If you do not have the item in your possession on your account then one of the two situations will apply:

  • The thread/post may be removed as Trolling
        Making threads with the attempt to joke or mock others by offering items for sale that are not within your possession are a disruption. We consider this Trolling, a form of abuse. Not only is it disruptive, but it also can take attention away from threads that are legitimately selling.

        To avoid this, please make sure that you have the item equipped on your avatar or have it displayed in the Post Action before you post the thread or reply. You should also be clear in what you are selling by giving the full description of the item, like giving the Generation of the Evolving Item or the full name of the type of halo you are offering.

  • Your account may be banned for Scamming
        When you enter into a contract with another member that is an agreement you are both bound to. While it is true that anyone has the right to decline a trade for an item here in the Exchange, it is not true that you can bargain with another member with something that you do not have on your account. Gaia Online considers this an attempt to trick other members out of their Gaia Gold or items and it may lead to a permanent ban.

We extend the benefit of the doubt where we can and we never like having to choose to warn or ban an account. However, to keep the forum running smoothly it's a good idea to make sure you own what you are offering.

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