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REMINDER: Explicit Content Roleplays are NOT permitted!

Lately there has been a trend of roleplays being requested that are in violation of Gaia Terms of Service. Soliciting roleplay which involves explicit or graphic content or themes is not allowed on Gaia Online at all, even in the private messaging system, and even if you're recruiting for one that will take place away from Gaia.

Regarding 'Ratings' and 'Limits'

You are not permitted to propose, offer or request roleplays which are in violation of the Gaia Terms of Service and the Gaia-Appropriate content guidelines for roleplaying. Threads should not propose adult ratings, and if your thread contains phrases such as "PM me for ratings","Tell me your ratings" or "IM me for ratings", it will be assumed that your ratings are inappropriate - your thread will be removed and appropriate penalties issued to your account. Remember, if you cannot publicly post the rating in the thread, then you should not make a thread to recruit people for it.

Similarly, threads proposing to "discuss limits in private" or having "no limits" will be assumed to be in violation and dealt with accordingly.

Regarding Inappropriate Roleplay Themes

While you are permitted to solicit for slave, romance and other one-on-one roleplays, these roleplays must not involve sexual themes or content. Fetishes or concepts grounded in pornographic genres, such as hentai, smut, incest, lolicon, shotacon, futanari etc. are strictly forbidden and will warrant appropriate account penalties should you be found to be offering/requesting them.

The consequences for violating these rules may be severe and lead to warnings or bans being placed on your accounts as appropriate.

What Should Be Reported?

In order to help us keep Barton OOC clean of violations, please report any threads or posts which:
  • Propose adult/sexual ratings (e.g. "Rated R", "Rated XXX" )
  • Ask for limits/ratings from potential roleplayers, or offer to discuss limits/ratings in private
  • Propose "no limit" roleplays
  • Request roleplays involving any sort of adult/pornographic/explicit genre or concept (eg."Futanari", "Incest", "Cyber" )
  • Request or propose slave roleplays involving abuse/sexual themes

For information on how to report Terms of Service violations, please refer to this post.

Thank you for your cooperation.