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That's a very clear and well written PSA.
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confused Wow.
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I can joke about these things in real life. But not on Gaia.

It doesn't make it a crime. Go ahead report me to the authorities.

******** this site anyways lol!
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Serious business this internet.
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CB is filled with nonsense.
for nonsense.
and built with nonsense.
There for exception to the rule! >:U
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Makes sense.
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If you don't like the rules, leave?
Simple as that.
This announcement comes at the same time as site change - spring mixer event will end today.

pirate You host a frat party forum what else did you expect

Hi Sisky!
I do have a question for you.
I've notice with some quick reports, sometimes it seems people and mods may have 'jumped the gun' on.
I saw one person complaining on a warning for saying "pics or it didnt happen" about touching a boob. Touching a boob, in general, even for pictures, doesn't always mean explicit content is involved.
For small things such as these, are mods still allowed to jump on the case, even if there is VERY much evidence missing as to what it was actually meaning?

Also- since those things you listed won't be allowed, what about talking about using illegal drugs, such as cocaine, weed, etc?
Since it is quite illegal in the real world to speak about them, should be also make rules about discussing such illegal activities on Gaia?

Will you also be posting as such in the GD? I think there is much more of an issue with that forum... and I think all of Gaia, both users and staff, know this.

Off the Chatterbox topic, will we be able to get a sticky for the SSRC? Some of the users in that forum feel like the explanation and helpful tips (as seen in some other Minishop forums) are missing.
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... I can't make my murder jokes anymore?

Well drat, there goes my Warlock material.

I'll keep to the WoW forums then. D:

pfffft, how lame.

gaia starting to suck.

questing: the nightmare (x2) & malice punk

✿천사의 얼굴로 날 날날
쳐다보지 마 거짓말이다✿
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Oh noes....
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Makes obvious sense but then what's gonna happen to the chatterbox since it's a breeding ground for those topics?
wat does PSA mean??
public service announcement

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