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Gaia definitely takes this stuff seriously. I'm an 06 member, my account was banned for 2 years once because I said I was 11 (amongst other troll-y statements such as a claim that I was a bisexual and I wanted an online boyfriend). I'm 19 now, and I can't figure it out: what the hell was I thinking?
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Now I'm scared.
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These all seem like no-brainers, but common sense isn't common...

^ sad but so true.
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It's pretty sad that this isn't common sense.
Aren't all these warnings common knowledge? or are people really that stupid to make jokes about killing people or about being a *****? 0.0
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I'm glad you guys made a thread about this. I'm tired of seeing topic saying "OMG GMS HAVE NO LIFE. THEY BANNED ME FOR A JOKE!"

Like, seriously? Why would you joke about something that serious. Good job guys.
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This is a privately owned site Free speech doesn't mean d**k once you CHOSE to sign up on it.
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oh barnacles
Is the goverment trying to take over the internet to?
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Thank you for this. I really wish it against ToS to joke about R*pe at all.
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this is a good thread
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Hello everyone, ...

I can't tip you enough! As an older player (yes, the bday on my account is correct), I've been shocked by a couple of reprehensible situations that really crossed the line. Some kids today lack common sense and respect for boundaries. Thanks for reminding everyone that certain behavior IS bannable!
really? saying you're under 13 gets you banned? O.o

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