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Rules r 4 faggots.
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Ⓧ How am I supposed to be a Slenderman if I can't talk about my victims? Ⓧ
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breast cancer sad
fdujk ghfdg;fdgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdd
like that butt XD
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So the grim reaper can not talk about his job on Gaia?
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Lol so that's how my brother got banned. Wow, so, just cause he had a picture that was making fun of our mayor he got banned
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last post, please
i dont t hink so
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King Matthew Von Helson
a rule against jokingly pretending to be a baby doesn't sound like a common sense rule to me... until you've read the reason. But, then again, a baby wouldn't even be able to use a computer, let alone log into Gaia, so... that';s kind of a no brainer and not confusing at all.... To think that just because a person doesn't want to tell their age to some one, because it's none of their darn business, they sarcastically say they're three... And they get banned for it... So much for America's freedom of speach.... I hope that a first offense at least gets a warning, in case they didn't know?

omfg, 13 year olds are not considered "babies" but teenagers.
Like, just turned teen, teenagers.
Do you even know that?

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