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Hey guys,

We've noticed an increase in the number of questions about the use of programs to help you buy items more quickly in the Marketplace. Rather than respond only to the individual questions, we decided to address it in a larger setting.

In a general sense, we do not encourage any user to use any of these programs. Using programs, which automatically fill-in your password and submit the page, can make you appear to be using a bot and could result in a ban on your account. Using these programs allows you to bypass the buying confirmation page and purchase the item faster than an average person could. By doing this, you can reach a point where you make yourself look exactly like a bot since that is what bots are programmed to do. When your actions start to mirror those of a bot, we lose the ability to easily differentiate you from those bots. This can lead to your account not only having its trading pass disabled for investigation but can also lead to your account receiving a permanent ban from the website for botting. Save yourself the hassle and frustration and just don't use anything that will get you to that point.

We do not want to ban anyone who just wants to have fun buying up items in the Marketplace so please do your best to not make use of these programs. We know something that lets you bypass the confirmation page is appealing, but saving yourself 3 seconds and a mouse click is not worth being banned, so just don't do it.