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It could use a full avatar customization screen. I don't use the outfit feature seeing as how I never use an avatar more than once. I would also like forums added, so that they fit in the iPod screen, I'm going to continue using Safari for my Gaia needs because as of right now there is nothing in the app worth using. Yes the PM feature is nice, but seeing as how I never have PMs, there's no point.

I have an iPod touch, so I can't comment speeds when connected via 3G, etc. I wanted an iPhone, but I refused to switch to a network that doesn't get 3G in my area, so I'll be getting one in about a year.

As for the lack of an android app, I think that they should have waited and released both, because that way people wouldn't have to complain. I never want an Android phone, don't really understand why people do xD, (I've used 8 different models and 15+ phones to set up emails, and none of them make it easy) but I still think they should have been considered. Especially because the current app really needs to be refined anyway, and isn't in the state I was expecting from Gaia.

To all android users though, you're not missing out.

All in all, it's missing a bunch of features I was looking forward to, and I hope an update happens soon, because as it stands I have no use for it.
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Chibana Ryukyu Okinawa
I am a blackberry user. I would like to see this for blackberry as well. iPhones get all the fun, but they are far from the only game in town, and we crackberry users often get left out of the app game.

I agree, I-Phones do get all the fun and everyone else gets left out. I know there aren't many Blackberry users here but I would love to see a Gaia app for the Blackberry. I have the Blackberry Torch (which I love!!).
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Guys please remember this thread is to ask for feedback on the app...not to complain that it is only available in iApps.

It has been stated (several times) that they WILL be making an app for other carriers aswell...apple is just the test run.

I see. I didn't see this. Not many people will look back several pages. Good to know other carriers will get this app. I shall be patient and wait. heart I suggest this comment be posted on the first page so that everyone will notice that other carriers will get theirs soon.
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Its on the fireside chat.
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When I saw you guys had an app I was very pleased because Gaia is not a site that's friendly to browse on a iPhone/iTouch. However my excitement quickly vanished when I read how little you can do with it.

Until you can access the market place and the the forums I'm not interested in it but I'm glad it's not finished.. I just don't know why you'd release it now when it does so little. I think you should have waited until you had marketplace and forum access finished before releasing it. Why would I want an app that can only change my outfit (which I don't do that often) and read announcements, notices and PMs when I do that all when I get home in a minuet or two?

Am I happy you're working on it, yes.. but as it is right now it holds no interest for me.
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Hm, alright. These are what I would like to see from the app as of now:

1) Screen Rotation (I never used portrait view to use my gadget, so i'm getting uncomfortable whenever I use the app more often)

2) Personalize Your Background (I don't like to see myself being transported onto different background settings every time I log in. Creating a "select and save" on various Gaia sceneries and wallpapers for our avatar backgrounds would be more fun for my case)

3) Alerts and Notices: Marketplace items sold, PMs, Announcements.

4) Communication: Instant messaging (receivable when surfing apps other than gaia's platform), able to reply PMs and Forum Quotations.

5) Access: Marketplace Shop to sell, manage on shelf items.

That's all for now :3
I like the fact that there is now a Gaia App, I'm patiently awaiting the next versions. I am an iPhone user, but I was thinking a release for the Android, and maybe the Blackberry as well. I'm sure that any smartphone could run it, due to the fact that they all have Apps in one form or another. Now to the actual feedback on the app. Personally I see myself using the full browser for Gaia, atleast until updates are available. Integration of The marketplace and inventory seem like a good place to start. Also a possible add-on could be the GIM (Gaia Instant Messager). Hope I helped out.

AKA "SetaGuyamoh"
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Well, poop. I thought I could use this app on my iPod Touch, but iTunes says I need the latest software upgrade to use the app.

Now here's the thing that makes me really sad. When I clicked "check for updates," it said my iPod was already at the most current version for its model (v.3.1.3), and there was no update available.

I guess I won't be able to use this app unless you guys release a version that is backwards compatible. sad

Oh well, at least I didn't have to pay for it and then discover that I wasted money on an app I can't use.
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Has a lot of potential, but at the moment the app really is not useful. But I was really impressed by the look of it. For a first version it looks really smooth, and refined. The main thing I hope you put on it next is the access to the forums.
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It's decent, but not something I could really see myself using.
Being able to see notifications is good so I can see if something sells or whatever, but that's not a big deal for me.
Private Messages are another section of the site that I rarely use.

I was looking forward to having an image free fast loading version of the forums, so it would be easy to keep up on top of my threads while I'm on the go. Loading the forums in Safari takes a while due to all the images, even with signatures disabled it's still something that is less than enjoyable, so I was hoping for something that would make forum surfing easy on a mobile device! =]

I would also like to be able to create new outfits instead of just choosing from the 4 that I have saved, since I rarely use the saved outfits I have! XD

I understand that it's the initial release and this is a totally new thing, and honestly.. it's pretty good for a first release!
Not as many features as I would like, but it looks decent, loads SUPER fast, and makes it so I can at least do some Gaia related stuff on the go much easier!

I'd give it a 4/5 it's good, but Gaia is a forum site and I want my phone friendly forum options. heart
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Yay for Gaia on the iPod......NOW ITS ANDROID TIME!!!!!

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Now you need one for Android (:
I thought your name was a**l at first. rofl
Anyways, Cool app! Needs more stuff though.
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For something on its trial phase, I thought it was well done.

But personally, I'd rather use safari.
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Very good first start Gaia! I love being able to use an app on my iPhone 4. As fast as it is, the large amount of images and JavaScript used on the full site makes it really slow for mobile Safari.

Please consider the following updates:
1. Retina Display Support for 4th Generation iPod touch and iPhone 4.
2. Push Notifications with settings to determine what gets pushed. (Example: I want PMs and Subscribed Forum Topic Updates pushed but not Announcements).
3. Access to Forums.
4. Access to Friends List.

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