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Your cash shop layout is horrendous
Isn't your app supposed to bring you more money?
Make it easier for us to throw our money at you
Why won't you take my money??
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Gaia on the Go for Iphone: I am not a fan. I can't count the times this app has inexplicably sent me back to the main menu in the middle of typing a forum post. It lacks even basic forward/back navigation, no post previews, only has access to Cash shops (probably since gold shops don't make them much money) Normally I would complain about the lack of games, but iOS doesn't have support for Flash environments, which is Apples shortsightedness, not Gaia's. In all it's a mediocre attempt at expanding the Gaia experience to iOS devices.
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The app doesn't let me send messages. When it does, it's just a bunch of jibberish coding. Is there anyway to fix this?
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It's really hard to customize your posts & replies. Every time I almost finish adding in all the formatting I accidentally click close because it's all so close together. It would be nice to have a cache that would save it as a draft so if you accidentally closed the app or reply you could see your draft and publish it.
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I have a consistent issue of my PMs sending as blank messages even after I've sent rather lengthy responses.

For the love of baby Buddha, add Guilds. This app is almost completely useless without a Guilds link. I wind up using Safari more.
I just got it an hour ago... And it is amazing!! I love it! Although I'm sure people wouldn't mind if the app had a a game plugged in to it that way we can score some gold on the go. But I do like the idea of members getting gold just by using the app now and then. Easy money. cool
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This app is very useful, although I do sometimes end up using my iPod browser for accessing Gaia. There are many things I was disappointed in, but I'm still satisfied. One of my suggestions is being able to try on things in the marketplace. Also it is sort of a taller order? But being able to access the shops. I do know market place usually has shop items listed, but sometimes it's nice to just browse a shop for things I don't come across in the MP.
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My 2 cents on the app:

- 1 think one DC is enough on the app, it's an extra one to the 6 we get on the browser. I end up doing the 7 of them, and the app tends to be higher;

- 1 game added would be awesome: a solitaire or something like that;

- I don't care much about gold shops on the app, but guilds....for the love of GOD add guilds please :3


i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did
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This also!!!!!

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did

maggie iratus
Frozen Mist
1) can you please add the ability to trade?

This was going to be my suggestion as well. You can see that you have a trade but not accept it. crying
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3nodding That's good I downloaded it already
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I also have the problem with my PM's sending as blank messages or random coding. I never know if the message was messed up until after I get a reply.

It would be really nice if there was a back button instead of the "Menu" button, that's incredibly annoying when you're browsing the forums.

My biggest concern is that the iPhone 5 has been out for ages, (well, since Septemberish), but the app still doesn't fit the screen. So it's not compatible with the bigger screen on the iPhone 5 and there's a lot of blank space.
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I would like to have the Journals feature in the app.
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I just got the app, using it now in fact! In the past I avoided it because of what seemed like mostly negative reviews but then I thought, don't be a butt! Try it an help improve it. Over all I'm not as disappoint as review lead me to assume. My suggestion are:
1) the ability to see who's online while in forums.
2) newest notices highlighted.
3) trying on items in MP.

As I use it more I'll leave more feedback c;

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