Please see the following thread. We are currently taking an inventory of high priority outstanding bugs. Any help is appreciated!


Howdy, zOMGaians!

We now have a place for you to report zOMG and other game bugs: zOMG! Bugs which is a subforum of the zOMG! forum.

When reporting zOMG bugs, please follow the bug report forum's guidelines, linked here and repeated here for reference.

If you post your issue in the Game Bugs forum, it gets noticed. Bugs posted in the zOMG! forum may be missed. (The development team skims the zOMG! forum for game discussions and trends, whereas the QA team reads the Game Bugs forum for issues and brings them to the attention of the dev team. That means that bug reports in the zOMG! forum won't always get noticed.)

Short form:
The thread will be titled "zOMG:" followed by a short description of the problem.
The post will describe the problem in detail, including information about the operating system and browser you are running.

Long form:
Topic Names: Please follow standard naming format!

Format Example = Name of zOMG! feature: Brief description of issue
Example 1 = Recipes: The exchange system won't work.
Example 2 = Gramster Goo Quest: I can't get Nicolae to talk to me!

By including the feature you noticed having the issue, along with a brief description of your problem or the actual error message as the subject for the thread, it will be a lot easier for other users having the same problem to find your thread. This is important, since gathering information from several users experiencing the same difficulty can often help identify and solve issues much faster.

**Failing to follow the standard naming format will result in your thread being moved to the Recycle Bin or it will be renamed accordingly.**

Bug Report Format (info in your post)

The following is suggested information to include in your bug report. Providing this information will make it easier for Gaia Staff/Mods to isolate the issue.

  • The Bug
    Try to explain in your problem detail.
    - where it happened
    - how did it happen
    - what were you doing when it happened
    - provide links if needed
    - screen shots can be very helpful

  • Operating System
    Specify for the computer used when you experienced the issue.
    - Windows (95/98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista),
    - Mac
    - Linux/Unix.
    - For more detailed definitions, please click this link.

  • Internet/Web Browser
    The program/application in what you use to view gaiaonline.com.
    - Internet Explorer
    -Safari and many more.
    -Not sure? Click this link and copy and paste the sentence that it says is your browser, such as: Mozilla/5.0

By doing this, you'll help our team help you better! 3nodding

Yes, specifically, by doing this. The team that works on fixing bugs looks there. Please do not PM mods or admins with bug reports.