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oh thanks for telling ;D


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thanks for letting us know. i had no idea that this went on!
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I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:

As if shill bidding wasn't bad enough on eBay neutral It was bound to hit Gaia eventually, I guess... stinks that it has, though!

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It's kind of hard to tell if someone is just shilling or not >.< Some people take offers via pm like me o.o
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excuse me milady,

how would we know if that's his mule or not? ;O
just asking? D;
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im thankful for this tip! this will greatly help exchangers like me
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ok ms smile
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In a relationship with ur daddy he buys me stuff

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Wow I didn't even know people did this :O
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But how would a user be able to prove hat the seller was using a mule to jack up the price? It's like they have blinking billboards on their profile with the text: I'm the mule of this and this account. And there's alsy a hefty penalty for false reports of scamming/hacking so people are hesistant to report it if they suspect price jacking.
just wondering how this is gonna be in forced - w- no way to tell if someone is actually "pricejacking" also they don't really need a mule. im pretty sure some just say "received a pm from (a user name) bidding higher" pretty hard to tell whether someone is being dishonest or truthful =/
i think this might be an example of price "jacking"


the bid jumps 600k. then 200k more when none else has bid. and the threads creator is offline.

but we have no proof to actually prove that its "price jacking" only assumptions that it is.
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Good Information.
Nice info, <3
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This is a very important question by another user as it is done literally on a daily basis by other vendors and I am sure quite a few people would like to see it addressed


Naxx is srs bizness
Now, does this affect users who buy their own items on the vend to raise the average buy price? I've seen people do this on several occasions with hard to sell and rare items. Especially items that don't have price graphs because they don't sell often enough.

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This really doesn't help considering no one really knows how to detect a mule.

There's a way to detect IP's but i would imagine only omni mods have that ability (I think)

Many mules are dressed with 'expensive items' and even have 'recent' post history.

This will just raise the amount of false reports if you ask me, but anyways, thanks for the alert.

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