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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! crying They won't be in stock anymore?! I haven't ever gotten the Gaia Cash Card Exclusive items yet! I've never used a Gaia Cash card, but that's only because nobody can take me to a store that carries them! If I can't have the Cash Cards, at LEAST I want to find a store that carries some Gaia merchandise like a real life zOMG Messenger Bag, or something else! Please don't remove all the cash cards from stores! I've never used one before, and the company Wemade did the same thing with their Wecash cards! Don't be like Wemade and do this same thing! If I get the chance, I'll buy your cash cards! Just don't remove them! I've been waiting a long time for the chance to go to Gamestop to buy one of your Cash Cards, and haven't gotten the chance! Please Gaia, don't crush my hopes like this!
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Please tell me you'll have the Gcards at Wal-mart still D:
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But why?! Please tell me CVS and Target will still carry them?!
I agree with you. heart

Thank you for the tip. and yay! Target and CVS are the only two stores near me that carry them, at least the $25.00 cards. If they pull them from those store it's back to buying cash online, and I'd really rather not confused
I go to Target because they only have the $25 cards so i buy at least like 3 a year with my birthday money. sweatdrop

I understand. I only get the 25 and both CVS and Target carry them. My friends have tried Game Stop but no dice, and our Walmarts are crappy, so they don't even know what we're talking about when we request that they carry them stare
I go to places that no one I know goes to because i don't wanna be called a nerd and stuff redface
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Oh lord please tell me Target will still be selling them! eek
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Have you looked into Karma Koins?


No, we haven't - thanks for the idea! We'll check it out biggrin
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I would like to see more downloadable free offers! Such as the logmein app and download!

I like that app and use it quite a lot, so to be able to get gaiacash for it was awesome!
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Hey everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to talk to you all about Gaia Cash cards, and the fact that soon, they will no longer be available in many retail stores. I posted about this issue before in GCD, and have been intending to make a thread about this too, and now seems like a good time to do so!

As I noted before, we are making changes to our cash cards. Indeed, as they say, all good things must come to an end - rather, they must adapt with the times. Many of you may notice that your local retail shops will stop carrying our Gaia-designed cash cards. This is not for any nefarious reasons - we simply want to try new things regarding payment methods.

Now, I understand that some of you might be upset by this but not to panic! We wouldn't leave you hanging without some options on how you can stock up on your Gaia cash. You can still use the very popular options of PayPal or credit card, mobile phone payments, or even Ultimate Game Card to get your Gcash! If you like cute designs on your card, you can get an Avatar card and load it with cash! We're also looking into making some NPC/Gaia art avatar cards that you can collect - fun!

Finally, we're working on lots of new ways to bring you Gaia-cash by talking to some fabulous new virtual currency partners, including some card companies. For those of you who are worried about using credit cards, PayPal, etc. please know that one of the partners we are looking into joining with will offer cards that you can re-charge in stores where they are offered. This means that you won't have to enter any additional payment information/methods online to get the Gaia cash - you'll just have to pay to reload the card in the store and then redeem the card's PIN on Gaia. At any rate, we'll keep you posted!

Like I said, not to panic everyone - it will all be good, and we think you'll really enjoy the availability and versatility of the new payment methods we are working on setting up. Of course, we'll let you know as these become available!

If you have any suggestions for payment methods you'd like to see on Gaia, or payment partnerships you'd like us to consider, we'd LOVE to hear your suggestions.

Be well everyone ^^

i hope Walmart still carries them...what about the Bill Me Later option on Paypal? I've been having issues turning that off to get gaiacash.
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I Sinistro I
But why?! Please tell me CVS and Target will still carry them?!

^ This. Target is the only place where I can find them right now. And I don't want to use PayPal, or anything like that.

Exactly! I don't even have a credit card so I have to use my debit card to make online purchases and it's a bit uncomfortable, y'know?

Exactly! I'd rather just go to Target, or something.
You missed my edit, but I pretty much said that there isn't a 7-11 near me, so that Avatar Card option is really not an option for me, either! D;
The paypal/credit card method of buying Gaia Cash literally never works for me. I get an error every time I try to do it.
Is this because Gaia doesn't accept debit, or is this just an error? Because my card works fine on every other online store.

That being said, I hope the cash cards are at least in Gamestop still. Otherwise, I probably won't be able to make cash purchases anymore. :/
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      Walmart and Gamestop are my only options.
      I live in a really outdated country town.

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Please don't get rid of them!!! That is the ONLY way I get G cash!! If you pull them from CVS, I won't be able to get any more G cash!!

I don't have a Paypal, credit card, or anything except for the small trickle of cash I can sometimes cash in on! Please oh please don't pull them from CVS!! Besides, buying the cards out in a store makes me feel a whole lot safer than trying to pay online. Even if I could, I would prefer going out to buy them. I love you, Internet, but I wouldn't trust you with anything.
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To be honest, I want to keep the cards at Walgreen and CVS. As long as its there, i'm good.
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Have you ever consider Discover Card. I know They have that 5% bonus cash back, and people can use that 5% cash back on their account to get stuff like iTune $25 $50 card as well.
I remember they also have game cash there as well.
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User ImageIf cash cards are taken out of stores completely you've effectively made it so I can not donate to the site anymore. I have no credit card, I do not plan to get a cell phone, I will not sign up for paypal and the only way I buy my cash is in physical cashcard form. Kind of a bad decision to completely shut out an entire demographic but whatever, if you don't want my cash that's your decision.

It was a nice ride, guess I'll be keeping my money from now on.
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Let's know where they'll be sold, too.

On the England note, Could I visit the US-only shop please? I don't want to BUY anything - I just want my damn candy! I don't see why I should get yelled at for being greedy and be stuck in a permanent limbo of nearly-full basket just because you're too impulsive to think about Halloween events.

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