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my gamestop, Rite-aid, 7/11 and my walmart stop selling them sad
so i only go to Cvs but idk if they will be out of stock too sad
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All I can say is this Sucks! I am one of those people that buys Gaia Cash in person. So the reload able card, better cost much, if anything to get one from the company.
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who will still be having them?

That's a good goddamn question.
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As long as Target and Wal-mart sell them, I'll be happy.

If not, how the hell am I to get GC?

"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagh’nagl fhtagn."

I am fully in agreement with you Calelith. Other wise, I am screwed....

please dont take away gaia cash cards its the only way i can get gaia cash why take away good things away form people T^T
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Chika Jurai
this leaves me out if u take gaia cash cards out now i cant buy any more gaia items any more how sad
They are only excluding certain stores read the whole message.
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Can we have a list of stores that they'll still be sold in?

I like this idea. However I'm thinking that they are going to pull them and that Canada will be left with out any love. Just like always. crying
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:/ If GameStop and Walmart stop carrying them because of you, i will officially say screw gaia.

You do know a better choice would've been limit stores [ based on user feedback and polls ] and then slowly release your new ideas, rather then cut most of your users off?

You do know some of us don't have credit cards and paypal as a online method, right?
You should reconsider this little idea of yours.
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Tamea Goldenrod
Are you guys EVER going to make these cards available in Canaduh? Or will I have to keep using a credit card to buy my cash? Or do I live in the wrong part of Canaduh-land maybe?


Check out your local 7-11 They usually get their shipments from their State shippers and tend to carry them. You can also look at Walmart since they do the same thing. It's the same issue with the nintendo cards. Not suppose to be available in Canada BUT the retail stores like walmart and 7-11 get their shipments through the state stores so we get them as well.

I worked at 7-11..never saw them. O:

I'm not overly worried about it..as I don't shop online with my credit card I actually go down to the store and buy a visa/mastercard giftcard and then bring it home and use that to purchase my gaia cash. I only asked because the last I heard gcash card's were not available here.
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But why?! Please tell me CVS and Target will still carry them?!
I agree with you. heart

Thank you for the tip. and yay! Target and CVS are the only two stores near me that carry them, at least the $25.00 cards. If they pull them from those store it's back to buying cash online, and I'd really rather not confused
I go to Target because they only have the $25 cards so i buy at least like 3 a year with my birthday money. sweatdrop

I understand. I only get the 25 and both CVS and Target carry them. My friends have tried Game Stop but no dice, and our Walmarts are crappy, so they don't even know what we're talking about when we request that they carry them stare
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I have a strong feeling that the purchase of Gaia cash is gonna drop off substantially now.
I don't want "reloadable" or reusable cards. I'll likely lose it. I just want the normal one time use cash cards.
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Please keep the cash cards in walmart. It's where I get them emo
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o -o I saw something quite shocking on that first page. Not sure if I dislike it or not yet.
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Kez Mani

What about Gamestop and Rite-aid?

^ And cvs? Don't suppose ye got a listy of where they ain't selling anymore?
Ya need to try and get 'em in wallgreens too. Not that I often have the money to get one...
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fire monkey95
heyya!, i would just like to point out (that very annoyingly) in posts (yeas all of them) regarding payment methods yous seem to miss out an existing one that i use, because of the app you buy G cash through that, so using itunes cards are my replacements to the gaia cash card

But I don't have an IPOD IPAD IPHONE!

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