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faith the Vampire
Well, I hope places like Walmart and 7-11 will still carry them, otherwise Canada just got royally screwed over since we can't get those Ultimate Gaming cards up here.

have you tried to look if bought on in canada be for when i was on a trip

No we actually can't get them up here, Blockbuster doesn't carry them up here, neither does our equivalent of Gamestop. The only places in canada that I'm aware of, at least in BC that carry GCash Cards is Walmart and 7-11
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faith the Vampire
Static Impulse
I don't like using ultimate game card because they take a bit of the cash off of my purchase when I rather all of the money I spent go straight into gaia.
thats never happend to me at all ussing the ultimate game card

It did for me. On there site they skimmed a small amount like ugh it was a while now. Couldn't have been more than a dollar might have been less, either way I didn't get the whole amount that I purchased.
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My question is will cards be removed from stores where they are currently or will they simply not be able to be restocked?
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I do not do online shopping.. Do not trust it, I would rather buy the cash card then buy them online.. This way, makes me feel better I am actually getting product.. Kind of a hassle for some of us if you remove them..
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Mmmm. . . I've heard way too many bad things about Ultimate Gaming Cards. . Plus, there is not a 7-11 near me, and Target is the only place that sells Gaia Cash cards. Sure, they only sell the $25 ones currently, but it's ok because it's better than having none. . . I don't think Gaia should stop production of Gaia Cash cards all-together. I think they should keep it available for those of us who are more comfortable with just buying them from their respective places rather than just buying it online, or something. Not shove this down our throats. . .
Again, I've heard way too many bad things about these Ultimate Gaming cards; I've heard of three cases so far where the company that sells these skim money from you, or something. Don't quote me on that. . it's just what I've heard. But those three cases is enough for me to NOT buy them at all.
I don't want to buy GC online, and I don't want to go to the next town JUST to go to a 7-11 to buy something I won't even use, and I don't want this. . "Ultimate Gaming Card". . I just want to go to Target, get my grocery shopping done, and get a Gaia Cash card while I'm at it and then get out.
Gaia can "get with the times" and stuff, but just let the rest of us pay how we've always paid. I can see that loads of people are uncomfortable with this change. I'm one of them. . . I really hope Gaia listens and lets us stick with buying GC the only way we're comfortable with.
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PLEASE tell me that Wal- Mart will still carry them! The rest of the stores are quite a bit of a drive for me... D:

sad where I live Walmart has only been carrying the $10 cash card for quite some time now, and I haven't seen any in 711 for a looong time sad .
I don't know if anyone has suggested it, but there is a virtual currency card being sold in retail stores in the US, Canada, I believe Brazil as well, called Go-Cash game cards. I would recommend to whoever manages which game cards are used take a look into that group. Not sure of any details, but if someone from the Admin team wants to PM me, I can shoot them the email of who they can contact to get details.
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Weren't we able to mail you money at one point for donation items? lol.
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This seems like a weirdly bad decision on their part.

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This seems like a weirdly bad decision on their part.

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I was just thinking that when i was reading the first page
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Guys, the staff is still working on the list and are withholding it in order to be completely accurate when they do post it.

That said, Gaia Staff, you can be incredibly motivated and responsive, as we have seen with just some of the dev alerts from H2K12. In fact, you have often had a solution within an hour, if not half. Its been over thirteen hours. I'd appreciate results somewhere within the neighborhood of 24 hours. After all, your capability to do so has been readily exemplified, and I shudder to even think that you would make this announcement without already having made headway into the inquiries you need to in order to assure your customers.

But, then again, in light of the crack decisions you've made leading up to this point...
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Sifen Yamishi
For those of us who use the Cash Tree, would we be affected as well? If not, maybe partner with more companies that offer video offers for GC?

I prefer to not put real money into this game so I would prefer more cash tree options too. For different videos to watch, not the trial sign ups because I don't generally give my info out online. It sounds like we'll lose some locations but get some different ways of getting gcash so no big deal. Besides, you can always hit up Blockbusters. No one seems to be aware they exist anymore (just watch the new southpark) but I always see stacks of gaia cards there to buy.
Sadly the only places I've seen them here was the 7-11 we had here (Which they changed to some other bs and I don't know if they sell them there),Gamestop (I don't know if they sell them still there..Haven't been there in AWHILE),Walmart (Again haven't been there in awhile, Last time I was there I was getting my old job check cashed..=x= To damn far away for me),Wal-Greens (Again Haven't been there in a loooong time because well all the stores i metioned are very far away from me XD)

I'm personally fine with putting money on a card for Gcash but I hardly buy them due to having no money for the blasted things..=x= Plus if they take GCCard out how the flip can people get the special item that comes on the card?
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Hey. We need a list of places that will still carry s**t. Don't leave us hanging. This is cryptic and cruel of you guys.


Sorry, we're not trying to be cryptic and cruel. We'll be updating the list as soon as it is completed, so not to worry - we'll definitely be getting the information to everyone biggrin

- Sisky

Oooh. Thanks, captain.
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I think that taking away the cards will only a have short term effects. Gaia will probably loose some money in the beginning with people not being able to purchase like they want. But let's be honest, if you buy GC now, then you will find a way to buy it again.

And all of this asking for a list, it has been said that once the list is final it will be posted! Have patience! They do not want to give you the wrong information. You should be thanking them for making sure you get the correct info. Instead of a bunch of crap that they aren't sure about.

I think if this were a bigger issue, then there would be more responses on it. Only a handful of people have replied in this thread. It's only scratching the surface when you take in the whole scope of the community. And while I am sure that Gaia wants all of its members happy, they are just trying to stream line your purchases.

And they are giving you the option of another card. The ultimate gaming card. Or whatever it is called. And even though I am hearing these complaints that it skims "less then a dollar", it's just that. Less then a dollar. You pay fees when you buy anything. It's called a tax. And that little tiny insubstantial fee is their tax for you using their cards.
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I was curios as to why with out any prior warning all gaia cash card up and vanished from the shelves near where I live. and the closest provider that still had any left? they tax the cards which seems almost like blasphemy when every other place i go to it is direct payment,

Sure I have my re-loadable avatar card. but having to have cash on you Every time? it gets tiresome.

And I have a very close by friend who's main method for gaia cash was those cards that they sold in retail stores (Wal-mart/ Target) because they are not sold at gas stations. :/

inconvenience and poor rotational timing if I gotta say so myself.

and those Earn gaia deals are just....and arm and a leg of putting out too much information for me.

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