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I go to places that no one I know goes to because i don't wanna be called a nerd and stuff redface

rofl I think I know what you mean. I'm in college and people see me and go, "Hey, I remember that from middle school!"
Makes me feel awkward... blaugh
I feel like im the only person in my city who plays Gaia emotion_8c
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The problem for me is, the only way I can get gaia cash is by buying them in Game Stop. If you guys stop selling them there, there is NO way I can buy gaia cash. No way whatsoever. I do not have a credit card. I do not have a pay pal. I have absolutely not way. I don't even have a Best Buy near my town anymore. If you remove them from Game Stop, then you basically just removed one of the countries where you sell your cash cards.

Please remember that.
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My local Wal-mart and Gamestops stopped carrying them, but I was able to get one at Target. Don't know about other locations!
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Ok I'm with everyone this is a bad idea!!!
Your going to lose a lot of cash due to the fact that not everyone is old enough to have pay pal and stuff...basically not all of there parents will let them use cash for this site for its easy for them to run out oand pic up a card for the 7/eleven and other such store.
I think your being foolish
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Thanks for the announcement although around here they already stopped carrying the cards for the past two weeks.

Okay, so you want feedback on a good system? There's a very basic system that has worked for years and that's the incremental reward system through the online purchases. Basically, when you order online, you receive extra GCash when you purchase GCash...

An example of the potential structure would be:

$5.00 = 500 GC
$10.00 = 1100 GC
$20.00 = 2300 GC
$25.00 = 2700 GC + Crystal Box
$50.00 = 6000 GC + Crystal Box
$100.00 = 11000 GC + Crystal Box + The $1.49 Monthly RIG free

Also the old Gaia Autocash rewards would be useful. Since your users are upset about the GCash situation, here's how to make it up to them: DISCOUNT. Any AutoCash subscriber gets the 10% discount back, and anybody who spends $100 or more in a month gets 20% discount for a 30 day period in the cash shop.

Good luck to you.

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I wish the user could select the amount of gcash he/she wants to buy. I'd love to buy $1 USD of gcash in one time and not buy 10 times $100 USD.
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User Image

I prefer to buy the physical cards, so if stores stop carrying them, I will likely have to stop buying GCash altogether. =[

User Image
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Ultimate Game Cards are still there everyone. Why are you getting upset? ._. They are trusted and it's fast.
Also, they are sold at almost every wide-spread retail store I've ever been to.

I don't have a store that sells one!
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Tamea Goldenrod
Tamea Goldenrod
Are you guys EVER going to make these cards available in Canaduh? Or will I have to keep using a credit card to buy my cash? Or do I live in the wrong part of Canaduh-land maybe?


Check out your local 7-11 They usually get their shipments from their State shippers and tend to carry them. You can also look at Walmart since they do the same thing. It's the same issue with the nintendo cards. Not suppose to be available in Canada BUT the retail stores like walmart and 7-11 get their shipments through the state stores so we get them as well.

I worked at 7-11..never saw them. O:

I'm not overly worried about it..as I don't shop online with my credit card I actually go down to the store and buy a visa/mastercard giftcard and then bring it home and use that to purchase my gaia cash. I only asked because the last I heard gcash card's were not available here.

Yeah i know what you mean. My local 7-11 has them. Though its usually only one stack and not more. I just bought my last one there. That's why I said check it out. But they only carry the 25 dollar ones and nothing more. If they decided to cut off the cards, then I'll be forced to either start buying pre paid credit cards or use my pay pal account which I've only used once and didn't like how long it takes to transfer the funds over. i like just being able to go to the store and pick up the cards.-sighs.-

when you uh..buy the cash..I don't use paypal..it has an option to 'buy as quest'..if you pick that it's a matter of putting in a small amount of info the pre-paid card and dun.
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This is Gaia's stupidest idea yet. Removing Cash Cards takes away the safest method for acquiring G Cash. Using debit/credit cards online is very risky, no matter how "secure" your sever claims to be. Do not take the cash cards away. For some people, the cash cards are the ONLY method for getting G Cash. The Cash Tree doesn't not work for all people (especially when you have to sign up for stupid trial offers, which need I remind you, often requires some sort of contact info for those trial offers, duh!) You are going to see a major fall in G Cash activity if you remove the Cash Cards. For once would you listen to your users and not do something they are clearly opposed to, and for good reason.
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Kroger maybe?
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mafia18 got banned
>o> i think its because gaia wants to stop wasting money on manufacturing the cards

if gaia is sending out thousands of cards then it is spending thousands of dollars making those cards

and wouldn't it just be better if they could just cut out paying the company to make the cards <W<

and have the users just buy the cash online

its kinda similar to some of those " go green things " i think

But this is assuming that all of us have other ways of buying the gcash. A good chunk of people don't have credit cards and dont have paypal accounts. Even if they bring out a reloadable reuseable card, then you have to think about all the people who are likely going to lose them or misplace them. The whole thing is just more of a hassle for the customers and the community rather than a blessing.

Of course I'm slightly sour anyways, since the gaia creators aren't thinking about anyone outside of the USA. It's so easy to find the cards in the states, Most times its hard for any Canadian to actually find the damn cards.
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mafia18 got banned
>o> i think its because gaia wants to stop wasting money on manufacturing the cards

if gaia is sending out thousands of cards then it is spending thousands of dollars making those cards

and wouldn't it just be better if they could just cut out paying the company to make the cards <W<

and have the users just buy the cash online

its kinda similar to some of those " go green things " i think

I have a feeling it's the stores' decision, not Gaia's. If they're not selling enough, they won't waste shelf space.

yeah >o> but i really doubt that 100s of store would go at it at the same time?
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You guys are being kind of--no REALLY-- unfair.

GC cards are my ONLY option. My parents hate online stuff like pay pal and the likes.
So what do I do? Bust my tail to get enough gold to buy off market place? I don't think so. I don't lack THAT much of a life.

Sites like Gaia don't think about people like this.
And they don't explain WHY.
They just assume everything will be okay.
But look at all the comments. People LIKE the cards.
You'll see a drop in the sales. I can assure you of this. You're also making one heck of a mistake. I live on hour away from any of the stores you'll probably leave them in. I'm not wasting taht much gas for your site, either.
I'm only here to make a cute avi and role play.
There are multiple OTHER role playing sites.
And I can live without the avatar.
This made the site a major turn off for me now, actually. ._.
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Will we still be able to get GCASH through Amazon.com?? Or did i dream that??

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