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Sponsored offers are a big part of Gaia, since some people (like myself) rely on them to get donor status for zOMG. Why remove the forum? I don't post there often, but I do go there first when I am having issues.
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Sounds interesting.
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Wow, fantastic baby.

tabs for things like "Drinks, Cakes, Candies, Flowers" and things like that would make getting what we want so much easier!!

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I work for TLC bumping, a bumping store on gaia. There is bumper info that i subscribed to. No posts have been posted since 2009. Are you going to delete that thread?
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Please add a 1x1 Search sub-forum to Barton Town !
Sound pretty good.
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i love all the changes!
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Sounds like a lot of changes are in store. It's hard to visualize some of those from a list like that so I'm eager to see what's in store and how it turns out.
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How about a new GCD subforum where we can post spamish topics with other people about the Gaia world. A place where we can talk about the Gaiaverse without requiring lengthy discussions, and just post short topics like "Would Rina look better as a blonde?" "What would Gino eat on a Tuesday?" etc...and where one word replies like "toast" would be acceptable, because it ain't no discussion, brah.

add: Also, I would highly suggest doing something (either updating the R&G's to include that CI-related reference threads are fine/not fine in the GCD, or creating a new subforum) about the whole "do CI/item lists/guides/reference threads belong in the GCD or the Guides and Resources forum" thing. The semi-monthly complaints about this are sort of getting old. I think we need some clarification whether or not they belong in the GCD or if they'd be better suited for the Guides and Resources forum, given that more often than not the OP's of these threads do not enforce discussion in these threads and mostly sift for information rather than opinion/discussion.
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You can remove all my old topics...I don't mind.
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❤ "I am happy on the stickies.

The Sign Shop, Requests, and Contest forum needs a little sticky like the writers subforum and a few others have.. It would help clarify some things for all new and some experienced users in the said forum.

Thank you!"
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User ImageCombining Life Issues Subforum into the Lifestyle Discussion forum?

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