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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that we've made some updates to the Luck Chest! Not only should it work better, but we've added some new items to the existing list of items available in the chest. Wheeee!

At any rate, we wanted you all to be aware of these changes. If you have any issues with your Luck Chest, getting a Luck Key to open the chest, etc. please post in this thread and let us know. The only thing we'd ask that you make sure to format your issue in the standard format for reporting bugs. If you are unsure of how to properly report a bug, please check out this post for clarification!

Take care and looking forward to your feedback biggrin

NOTE: Just to avoid confusion and misunderstanding, we've only added some new items to the existing items in the Luck Chest. You might get a new item, or you might get an older item - it's all luck! biggrin
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Well, it's been a dream to be on the first page c:

Anyways, I'll see what I get, because I tried my luck and I got a Fortune Egg (Well, a year ago) Now I'll try my luck again I guess. I hope I get something nice. ^^

While I do, I'll leave this up. c:
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We'll give it a shot!
can you fix the adding accept friend in towns bug
its been still like that well for ever
if you cant its fine then ill just add friends the old fashion way
tis be a nice ol change for me harty land lubber pirate
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Awesome ^w^
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Yay! I actually stopped buying Luck Keys cause the stuff that was being granted was worth less than the cost of the keys. So now, maybe that has been changed. I might be willing to give it another shot. But I shall wait and see how other scallywags do first. Sorry I just couldn't resist some pirate gab.
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I Think I might Agree Or Disagree Since Some People Has There Own Opinions So I Will Think It Will Be Set Here
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BUG-- I went to check my fish tank to check if i had a chest, but my Tank seems to not be coming up and a small button looking thing keeps poping up in its place.

I checked my tank just a day or to ago and it wasent like this.
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Would it be ok to ask what the new items are?
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I can't veiw my fish tank!!! whenever I try it won't let me :c
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I think I saw some of the new items from Luck Chest in the MP, nice stuff!
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