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Even though I have not used the app in a few months, I have to say that when I would go to check my notifications I had to play a game of drag-and-tap with the app with the hope that I might actually be able to bring up my notifications. I had to do a similar thing when trying to reach the Hot Topics part of the Forums, except I was dragging down instead of up. The ratio you seem to have for the app is not good for iOS 7, because this did not start until I had updated my iPhone 4 to it. I got rid of the app specifically because of this issue. Please get this fixed if it hasn't been already.
Bought 500 gcash on the app and haven't got it. I want either my money back or what I paid for!
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Not sure if this has been reported, but it's a pain.. When using the app, I see I have notifications, but I cannot see the bottom of that page unless I scroll and hold my place. Otherwise it just sits at the top and I am unable to click anything. I can however change my status and that works fine.
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I keep getting shopkeeps saying they gave me candy already when I go to shops, but they haven't given me any.
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At least you're able to hold it in place and click. I cannot even do that! I can change status but I cannot access my notifications or any other feed upon that page despite my status. All it displays is the adorable green bunny. It's hard when I'm trying to respond to B/C guild posts xD
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Okay, just to clarify, I don't use the Gaia on the Go, I just use Safari. (Maybe that's part of the problem?) Anyways, I go on my iPad mini, on Safari, and on Gaia, I LIVE for RP! However, sometimes, this happens:
I'm making a post, or just looking around Shops or Forums, or something like that, and then the page freezes/stops responding, and I see a banner saying 'A problem occured with the webpage so it was reloaded.' Then it either: 1) logs me out and takes me to the Login screen, or 2) logs me out and reloads wherever I just was, just not logged in now. I relogin, and if I was in the middle of a post, it gets rid of whatever I typed. It's annoying! Also, I know this was 'only for bugs on the app' but this wasn't on the app, but it was on a mobile device. I don't know what causes it, or if it's my iPad mini's fault or Gaia's. (If I 'need to update my device', I can't/won't because every time I update it, GBA4IOS deletes my saved games on there. I am on Gym Badge 4 in Crystal. (Morty) and I don't want to go through all that again.)
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I noticed, when attempting to use GntG on my iPhone 4 (yup, old school rofl ) that when I go to select a forum category, the layout reverts as though the scripting to make the layout nice is gone, leaving me with a white page and several links. Going into the forum gives me the same layout problem, leaving me with a cluster of topics.

Any ideas as to what I can do to fix this, or is this a Gaia side issue?
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I am currently unable to load or view anything other than the first item in the mobile cash shop. Even on the first item, the icon will not load.

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