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I can't log in at all. I've tried doing so on 3 different accounts. The only message that shows up is the standard: The Username and/or password you entered is incorrect.
It's been like this for at least a week now.
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App not allowing people to respond to PMs. I respond and people get nothing. I have to send a new PM every time.
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My experience with the PM bug is that if you send a new message or, when replying, delete everything else and send only your response, it will go through. If you try to reply with the original message quoted, however, it will either be blank or contain only a single character.
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                  Oh, and a few times, my PMs have only partially sent. Meaning, I'll be responding to someone's PM and I'll type it normally and everything, and then they only get the first half or just the quoted part from their last response.
Well what really bugs me about it is that I can't preview items correctly in the marketplace.
I'm a huge shopper so I'm always browsing the market place,
But with this problem I have to guess if I want the item and if it'd look good.
constantly saying incorrect username and passwrd when i log into it through the internet browser perfectly fine
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The app absolutely will not let me log on with my username and password. I have been trying for a week now to log onto the app and it repeatedly tells me that my username/password is wrong. I double and triple checked my log in information online to make sure I had it correct and I did.
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Currently i just have Issues with the Marketplace.... Now that the Login Problem has been fixed smile

Anytime i have 10 items for sale in my store, and i go to open 'my store' or any other store links, the App says "you do not have a Marketplace Pass". it happens all the time, whenever i reach 10 items. & i know of 5 other users with the same Problem. :/
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I've found that it's complicated to send PMs via the Gaia app. I am able to type and send one, however it deletes any commas or apostrophes in the message. And while I may reply to a fresh PM sent my way, I cannot do so again, nor can I reply to a new one that I had sent off and got back. They end up getting deleted with only a few of the quote coding left.
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Not sure if it's considered a bug, but apostrophes don't work from the app. Any word with an ' in it, the ' disappears.
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Everytime I send a PM it always just send like a quote and so no one knows what i said. I dont understand that. And Sometimes when I try to update my status, Change my avatar, or send a PM it likes to close on me.
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Oh, also in PMs, sometimes it'll send one with just some broken code if there's more than one quote in it. I'm not on an iPod right now to reproduce it but it's happened to me several times.
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Lots of crashing.

Replying to PMs don't work. It either sends out gibberish, or not at all, even if it tells you the pm is sent. I'm not sure if it's only for replying or sending pms in general.

Quoting/posting in forums sometimes messes up.

Can't see subforums. For example, if I browse through the forums to find my thread that's in the "wanted section of the exchange), I click on gaia gaming, then go into gaia exchange. But after that, I can't go into the wanted subforums, I don't see any links anywhere.

And can you guys add a page jumper for the shop? All the items I want to sell are at the end of the list. That makes like 10-20 pages to browse, since I have about 1900 items.

A trade system would also be nice smile
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Bug #1
It will not allow me to log in even is I type in my username with and without the post. I have logged out and then manually typed in my password via a PC and so it's not a password issue ; ;
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Errors i see:

1) messages are never sent correctly if i quote/respod to someone, in order for my messages to go through, i happen to have to delete the previous message sent to me by another user then respond with my own message,...#soannoying

2) anytime i have a full 10 items for sale in my store, and i go to open 'my store' or any other store links, the App says "you do not have a Marketplace Pass" *A*

3) idk if the app just hates on punctuation but any time i add commas apostrophes or parenthesis, it randomly deletes some of them emo

Things that need to be added:

some sort of trading availability (Im constantly buying and selling in the exchange so this would be awesome)

marketplace try-on section (a section where users can try on items in the marketplace)

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