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Pixel Thirst
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Awaiting CIndy's reports! heart
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Rose of God

what is that you're wearing? The transparent non-holography ring of blue flaring up?

This my dear is Nano-C smile
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Kerry Archer
There's an interesting looking silhouette. *eagerly awaits more info*
yum_puddi i agree. and it look like a hot fellow heart
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Is it just me or do you think they might continue the dangan ronpa references since the male silhouette' s hair looks like makoto naegi's (since princess hanabi is based off of junko)

User Image
Sprites of naegi and kyoko kirigiri (possibly the character the female silhouette is based off of)
Either way the male silhouette is probably a tanuki and the female silhouette is probably a kitsune
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WOW. is Gaia THIS lazy with achievements?
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Dag nabbit I need more gold TT~TT
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Pixel Thirst
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no, ******** you with another shitty gold sink with lazy a** achivements
at least have good rewards come on

I double that with Leadery
I don't partake to these cause I've worked too hard to get the gold I have now without this gcash garbage. Not putting it into any gold sink events. If its something good for the reward then I just might participate.
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It's great that they took all the gold gens off, but they're gonna have to actually SHOW us that they mean to fix all the s**t they broke before I consider sinking any more gold.

And no, sticking Jet up on the banner with a link to buy more GC isn't helping their case. It's like they're saying "Oh wow, look at us! We're listening to the users! Wow we are so amazing golly gee! In fact, we're SO AWESOME for listening to the users, you should give us more of your money so you can get all the achievements for the new gold sink!"
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I don't know why, but that silhouette gives me a Lamento Beyond the Void character feel to it.

Can't wait to see what they look like.

(Also please, if you're under 18, do not google for what Lamento is.)
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Personally, I think it's because Gaia know's the ******** up the Gaia economy by unleashing massive ammounts of gold out there, so now their trying to get it back and fix what they messed up.
no, ******** you with another shitty gold sink with lazy a** achivements
at least have good rewards come on
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i cannot be defeated by photoshop gradient anime silhouettes, they have tried before and never won
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no, ******** you with another shitty gold sink with lazy a** achivements
at least have good rewards come on

I wish they would lower the gold amounts... :c
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When there will be an event of truth :3
Or now only gold will be asked?

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